Yellow, blue and white fun summer nail design.

One of our favorite things in spring is to try the colorful quotes! We remove the cold nail polishes we use in winter and we start to give you the right to use colorful nail polish. Thanks to the practical nail art suggestions you can do at home, you can have fun spring manicure in minutes. It’s not hard to do those perfect manicures that you see on Instagram. With nail art designs, you can collect the look of your friends with their nail art.

What we need to decorate the nails with stone and accessories is a nail polish, accessories and tweezers.

To decorate, firstly apply a coat of nail polish to the nails. As the nail polish comes to dry, accessories are placed on top with the help of a tweezer. You can also decorate your nails this way. Lifestyle Blogger shared Inspiring idea for Spring Nails of 2019. Are you looking to get your nails done this Spring? Have a look for ideas this Spring.

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