“Some articles kept writing, they would say, ‘Winnie Harlow, 24, suffering from vitiligo’ I was like, ‘Do I look like I’m suffering? Come on now.’ Let’s not do that,” Harlow told talk show host Jonathan Ross during the interview The Jonathan Ross Show airing on ITV on Saturday 20 April 2019.

Winnie Harlow, despite her childhood humiliation of Vitiligo disease, has never stopped loving herself and became one of the most recognizable models in the world.

Winnie Harlow, born in 1994, was diagnosed with Vitiligo disease at the age of four. Back in Toronto, she lived with his mother, who was a hairdresser. She was insulted by his friends because of skin spots, he changed schools all the time and had a nightmare of childhood. Vitiligo, known as the disease of Michael Jackson, caused the skin to lose its pigment from day to day. The little girl had white spots on her skin, and the darkness on her soul.

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Harlow got over his puberty and started to notice himself. She had the perfect physique, symmetrical white marks on his black skin, making him different. First of all she took many photos and shared her photos on social media without hesitation. Already soon began to be noticed. Winnie’s rise period was quite fast; She attended beauty contests and was welcomed with great interest thanks to her physique and being different. By turning his childhood into a nightmare, Vitiligo became a chance for her. By accepting the flaws, he inspired the whole world about being happy with them.

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Winnie Harlow, which I think can change the aesthetic perception of the world, is really beautiful and attractive. She doesn’t carry anything out of the ordinary, and his symmetrical white marks add aesthetic value to her.

Vitiligo is a skin disease with patchy patches of skin due to pigment loss. Any part of the body may be affected. Common areas: face, lips, hands, arms, legs, genital areas.

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