We have a lot of knowledge about the private lives of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s vegan wall paints, the organic materials they can lay the rest of the house, and the private lives of Sussex.

From the first moment we learned, the details of the newest member of the royal family, which we are eagerly waiting for to come to the world, began to appear as birth approached.

In a statement released last morning, the palace said: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are grateful for the good wishes they receive by the people of the UK and all over the world these days when they are preparing to meet their babies. and the Duchess are looking forward to sharing the exciting news with everyone when they have the opportunity to celebrate as a new family. “

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Traditionally, the arrival of a royal baby is announced to the world by the iconic exposure given in front of the hospital. According to the royal photographer, however, this ritual is unlikely to happen this time. Tim Rooke, who took three of his Cambridge dolls, recently said: ver I don’t think the same ritual will happen for the Sussex baby. And I think this will be special. “

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We will learn the truth of these claims when the smallest member of Sussex is born, but it is clear that Meghan Markle will get a lot of criticism in a possible situation.

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