Beyoncé’s iconic Coachella, the new name Beychella, explains the six elements behind his performance.

She’s a Working Mother

Homecoming was a real turn for the famous artist who faced health problems such as high blood pressure and preeclampsia during pregnancy. But if you say that the idea of ​​Homecoming for the first time appeared, the story is getting complicated here. On the temporary stop of the heart of one of the twins, the idea of ​​Homecoming in his head arose, Beyoncé started to lay the foundations of his own foundation.

Successful artist who said that she was alienated at this period, “I did not even think of reuniting my old form, the strength and endurance never seemed to be the same level,” said the phrase as a “working mother” is not as easy as the way of saying that voiced.

Destiny’s Child Reunion

Why Homecoming So Important To Beyoncé?

In 2013, we saw Beyoncé’s epic performance at the Super Bowl. And six years later, Destiny’s Child, who shared the same scene again, said, “Women’s solidarity is exactly what it is.” It was good to see Destiny’s Child reuniting the Beychella atmosphere by singing the songs of Lose My Breath, Say My Name and Soldier, whose classic songs were used in the early 2000s.

Solange and Beyoncé on the Same Stage

Why Homecoming So Important To Beyoncé?

If you think Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are the only guests of Beyoncé, you’re wrong! Beyoncé’s sister Solange was Beyoncé’s surprise. Beyoncé’s ‘Get Me Bodied’ song of the singer to return to her old days of sisters, Beychella’s collective spirit could not reflect better.

By the pain of beauty

Why Homecoming So Important To Beyoncé?

“Thank you for making me the first African-American woman to lead Coachella.”

The most important Coachella item for Queen B is that we’re on top right now. Behind Bey’s epic Coachella performance lies the rich history of black colleges and universities. Im As an African-American woman, I feel that the world has always wanted me to stay in my little box, and women in black often feel that they are being underestimated.

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The reason is not Coachella’s performance, but also the process and the struggle we have given… Give thanks to the beauties that follow a painful history and accept your suffering.

Rehearsals and Strict Diets Programs

Why Homecoming So Important To Beyoncé?

“That’s why people don’t like rehearsals. You must be modest. You must be willing to look strange from the outside, and you should study well, like a hard-working student.”

Homecoming adventure for Beyoncé was a real test. Queen B, who tried to give the pounds she had received after the birth through a rigorous diet program and an uncomplicated rehearsal, was temporarily vegan during this period and gave up her coffee, alcohol and other bad habits. ”To reach my goal, I was limiting myself to bread, carbohydrates, sugar, milk, meat, fish and alcohol,“ she says. One of the most successful steps the famous artist made during this time was the fact that Coachella had lost as much weight as 32 days before her performance in the Formation tour.

A Real Boss

Why Homecoming So Important To Beyoncé?

Queen B didn’t leave a chance on the Homecoming show. How Does? If you’re familiar with Beyoncé’s authoritarian attitude, or if you’ve come across several YouTube videos documenting the most bossy moments, it’s not going to be a rubbish.

Beyoncé, Homecoming performance of the boss’s seat until the slightest detail did not get a moment. She chose all the dancers in the show, the materials in the steps, the height of the pyramid, even the shape of the pyramid, in short every detail.

This included successive meetings with Olivier Rousteing, the iconic name behind the stage costumes.

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