an affordable vacation in the most beautiful corner of Turkey is not a dream. We are here with a cheap holiday guide; Choose your preferred Airline Ticket, hotel reservation and car rental options with Latest.Net.

Basic rules for making a affordable holiday:

  • Make your holiday plan early as your calendar handles. Leaving a minimum of 3 months will be enough time to benefit from early booking opportunities. Even if you can open this period up to 6 months, you will miss the discounted holiday opportunities train up to 40 percent. If you would like to know more about early booking opportunities, check out our early booking guide.
  • Determine where to go on holiday and how to do it. You can determine the date of your next holiday and get your ticket at the best price.
  • Holiday alternatives include boarding, hotel, full board, half board, number of people, such as the number of people who prefer to pay the front of the hotel after paying your reservation. You never want someone to grab your room. Such intense situations may occur during peak seasons.

Let us come to the summer vacation in the 2019 list of cheap summer holidays. Turkey‘s quiet nature to those looking for a quiet holiday in the most beautiful lakes can be an excellent vacation option.

Where to go for Affordable Holidays in Turkey?

Olympos, Antalya

Olympos, which is connected to Antalya, is one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to economic holiday. For years. If you think of a holiday in the tree houses and greenery, you can also turn the route towards this direction. Facilities are usually breakfast or half board. With its proximity to the Valley of the Butterflies and the famous Yanartas Mountain, you can also do rock climbing and trekking in Olympos which is one of the favorite spots of the foreign tourists.

Where to go for Affordable Holidays in Turkey?

Datca, Mugla

Sea tourism is preferred by many local and foreign tourists in this place, both natural and historical beauties are available. While enjoying the sea in the daytime, you can also breathe the history of Datça streets. While enjoying the crystal clear sea at Palamut Bükü, the natural beauty of the sheep also seems to attract you and your family. We also recommend that you visit the historic beauty of the temple of Dionysus, the Temple of Apollo Karneios, and the Aphrodite of Knidos, no matter how many seas.

Where to go for Affordable Holidays in Turkey?

Marmaris, Mugla

Another one that comes to mind when the place is also called Turkey Muğla’s Marmaris called the pearl. Marmaris, which is especially concentrated in Russian and German visitors, is a seaside city. The goal is really sea, sand and sun while you can choose without hesitation. We guarantee that you will get away from work stress in this beautiful place where blue and green meet.

Where to go for Affordable Holidays in Turkey?

Alanya, Antalya

Another of Turkey‘s income from marine tourism is also a great place to get in Alanya. of foreign tourists visiting Turkey also often frequented Alanya, it should be included in the vacation plan necessarily by you. Located next to the famous Damlataş cave, Damlataş beach invites you to the sea with its magnificent beauty formed by the merging of blue and green. The magnificent beauty of the sea under the feet of your feet in Alanya, at the same time is a historic city. Dim cave, Kizil Kule, the ancient city of Selinus and Alanya Castle are among the other places you should visit and see. While you are also enjoying the sea, if you want to travel to the depths of history, choose Alanya without wasting any time. Navigate, have fun and learn.

Where to go for Affordable Holidays in Turkey?

Cesme, Izmir

Last place that we cannot pass without mentioning sea holiday is İzmir – Çeşme. The sea season, which lasts for about five months, is quite an ideal place for those who want to enjoy swimming. This city, which is integrated with its historical and natural beauties, will give you the peace that comes from the sea. You can also enjoy the summer with the crowded beach club parties. Sea, sand and a sunny holiday are waiting for you.

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