China’s capital Beijing, China Fashion Week continues. The event, where new collections of young talented designers are introduced, have brought together experts and fashion fans from all over the world.

Today, in the Chinese capital Beijing, the fashion show of Hao Jia’s designs attracted great interest. Many fashion designers attended the fashion shows on the catwalk during the fashion week. The most striking detail in the show was that the models were extremely weak.

Chinese Fashion Week exhibits the colorful creations of Chinese designers, in photo gallery of Check out below!

China Fashion Week Photo Gallery

As the models in the Alice McCall show sashayed down the runway at Fashion Week in Sydney last week, their sparkly dresses were just as likely to set off wishlists for shoppers in Beijing as in Bondi.

In 2011, China Fashion Week set strategic cooperation with Leading Luxury Auto Brand Mercedes-Benz that has listed China Fashion Week in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks worldwide. China Fashion Week has stepped on to a new stage to globalization.

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