My favorite makeup products include practical and useful options that offer multiple effects. The salvation palettes that I can use for many different regions on my face are my favorite in this regard. Let’s look at the clues to revealing an effective makeup with less material…

Do you know that you can use a headlamp palette only in your eyes or in the blush palette not only on your cheeks but on your face in different regions? For instance, one of my favorite make-up tips is to make contours and strobing with light and dark tones in a headlight palette in the tones of coffee.

I brighten my face with light hues and hide them in dark tones. It’s definitely an extremely liberating situation. Especially if I try to take all the make-up products that I use while traveling, I am also lightening my make-up bag with such multi-purpose products as there will be no space for my clothes.

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You can use your blush palette consisting of different shades such as pink, peach, headlamp, and vice versa.

Do you think it is very practical and fun?