All of the world-famous fashion houses are experiencing the sorrow of losing even the designer Karl Lagerfeld, who was born in 1933. Lagerfeld’s life, his style of white hair, striking shows and his last farewell words to Karl were handled by Lagerfeld.

The fashion designer born in 1933 described herself as an artist, photographer and cartoonist. Since 1983, he is familiar with the creative director of the French fashion house Chanel. Afterwards, Fendiacakna continued to exist in the sector with the title of creative director bearing his name.

If you look at your career; he was a genius who lived deeply in his life, full of love to work and produce by himself. After living in Paris for two years in 1955, he won the competition by participating in the international coats design competition, which opened the door for him to be friends with Yves Saint Laurent. He was later hired by Pierre Balmain. Balmain’s career as an assistant, continued as an apprentice for 3 years.

Time to say goodbye to the immortal genius: Karl Lagerfeld

In 1958, he became artistic director of Jean Patou. In 1964, he went to Rome to study art history and study at Tiziano. He created free collections of brands such as Chloé, Charles Jourdan, Krizia and Valentino, and managed to mention his name frequently by making special designs for the brands.

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In 1967, he started working with Fendi to modernize the fur line. Lagerfeld, at this time, began to stamp the fashion show with style. White hair, black glasses, notable differences from each time, but always stand out with the attitude of uncompromising attitude.

Time to say goodbye to the immortal genius: Karl Lagerfeld

In 2001, he lost 41 pounds, turning his eyes back over. In 2007, he directed a feature documentary about Confidential with Vogue. In 2008, he continued to include teddy bear adventure among different works. The doll, which was produced from Steiff’s $ 2,500 for $ 1500, ran out in a short time.

Karl Lagerfeld’s cat ‘Choupette’ is reportedly set to inherit some of the formidable fashion designer’s £150m fortune following his death.

When it was announced that in 2019 the last Chanel fashion show couldn’t do its end of the show because of health, the whole fashion world was aware of the approaching danger. On February 18, he was admitted to the American Hospital in Paris suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine. And unfortunately, the next morning she closed her eyes because of the complication. Karl will continue to inspire the world he left behind everyone is the master of his own destiny and his immortal collections.

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