The Swedish capital of Stockholm is an attractive travel alternative with its architecture, art centers and delicacies.

Breakfast at The Cadier Bar

Located in the Grand Hotel, Mathias Dahlgren is a Michelin star… We prefer to come to the hotel for dinner instead of brunch. She has a breakfast that deserves a Michelin star. You have to book The Cadier Bar, which is located within the hotel for brunch. Book in advance to get window seating view as it is really worthy. Staff is very professional it seems to get very crowded which is good but could be a bit slower. Don’t go in a rush. We highly recommend the cocktail selection.

Time travel in Skansen

It was one of the museums that affected me. Skansen was built like a real town. It starts from 1720 to 1965. You meet people from history and accompany them in shops. Every detail that you can think of from the oven and its tailor is considered.

Things to do in Stockholm
Things to do in Stockholm

Art in Moderna Museet

In addition to contemporary exhibitions, you must visit the museum where famous names such as Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso are also on display.

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Explore the streets in Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is the historic island of the city. Old Swedish houses and royal buildings are located in this region. Even his name goes by the Old Town. Here you can find boutiques, streets, hiking. On the streets of Vasterlanggatan and Österlanggatan there are many different restaurants, try one spontaneously.

Things to do in Stockholm
Things to do in Stockholm

Eat dinner at Wärdshuset Ulla Winbladh

From the moment you enter the gate, you will feel the warmth of your home. The fusion effect prevails on their meals. You can choose the small meatballs served with cream sauce, mashed potatoes and red cranberry or the fish you can cook on their own, they are all delicious.

Things to do in Stockholm

Go to the Night Cafe Opera

We went to the Christmas party here. It was one of the nightclubs I had the most fun. They didn’t give up on history and style. With the decoration, you are returning to the 18th century. I suggest you go and see it one night.

Things to do in Stockholm

Taste local delicacies in Östermalm

A very large market from the 1880s; Östermalm. It has many restaurants and cafes, the right place to try local tastes. The exact information you’re going to lose yourself inside is closed on Sundays except for 09.30 – 17.00.

Things to do in Stockholm