Let’s imagine we’re on the world alone. We wandered the huge continents on our own, without a purpose, a goal, a bir Let’s assume that we only live for ourselves throughout our lives.

For example, without throwing a small piece of pretzel into a bird. So without sharing. I mean teaching. Without trying to learn. So by ignoring the dozens of hands that we can stretch and hold, we can only think for ourselves, for one, for our own good.

Today we will look at the last of our laws of spiritual success, and I want to make a meaningful end with this writing. This law contains a title that I have questioned myself many times; What is the purpose of our being really in this life?

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

What’s causing me to be ıza here Bu in being me? Have you ever thought about what’s not here, why we couldn’t be put in here if we weren’t here? Maybe you’re going through, den Is it worth questioning? Daha Our answer is yes, it’s worth questioning, because our goal, our being here, our goal today should be not just for ourselves, but a greater purpose than our own, and most importantly, a much greater meaning than ours!

You will say, dir It is not so easy to find the purpose of life. Hay But here is the skill we want to tell with the purpose of life, the ability to see life and life beyond ourselves, to see bigger than ourselves. So much so that proposing to share a pastry is a goal that adds meaning to a life. In fact, such a sweet girl to try to support the costs of education, read it, grown, to see a business owner is a meaning that adds meaning to life.

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Such that, instead of taking the next shoe for me only, ten pairs of shoes with the same money and even to find a shoe to wear our dear brothers and sisters can not find a purpose that adds meaning to life. It is an aim that adds meaning to life by spending only fifteen minutes with him by going to the aunt who is sitting alone in the park without knowing. To be humble enough to take a mother’s hands and take her to our forehead, knowing to take heart is a very, very big goal that adds meaning to life.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

In order to determine our aim in life, or our meaning in life, we don’t need to go too far, to think too long or to question whether I’m going to get too tired. What is important is that we should be ready to look at that understanding, what is important, and let us be (!) Ready to serve that purpose!

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