Olivia Wilde's Top Secret Makeup Cheats

Olivia Wilde was at the premiere of her latest film ‘A Vigilante’ in Los Angeles. Discover 5 makeup tricks that look to inspire the classic red carpet beauty of the 35-year-old.

Olivia Wilde's Top Secret Makeup Cheats

Soft Looks

If you don’t like the appearance of a sharp eyeliner, Olivia Wilde’s makeup is for you. Olivia, with its shade technique, has an attractive effect on the look and feel of the eyeliner, blending dark tones with the eyeliner, creating an illusion in his gaze.

Olivia Wilde's Top Secret Makeup Cheats
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Bright Eyes

Be inspired by Olivia Wilde’s use of sparkling headlamps if you want a brighter look despite your smoky eye makeup. Like a famous actor, a dose that you apply to the center of your lower lash bottoms instantly illuminates your glare and makes your eyes look bigger.

Olivia Wilde's Top Secret Makeup Cheats
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Under Eye Operation

If you do not want to visit a beauty center for potholes that are formed under the eyes and which experience more life and fatigue and do not want to have a beam fill, it is possible to camouflage them with makeup. Apply a shade of light, peach sub-toner from your normal concealer only to that pit area. This application will lighten the shadow of the pit as in Olivia’s appearance and show the fuller area and equalize the surface.

Olivia Wilde's Top Secret Makeup Cheats
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Light Sparkle

If you still want a light look despite the high pigmented, concealed foundation you apply, and you don’t like the matte finish of the permanent foundation, you’ll be able to help you with wet-finish powders or special facials. One of the most effective details that make Olivia Wilde’s night makeup more natural and light.

Olivia Wilde's Top Secret Makeup Cheats
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Sleek Lips

Another way to reduce the weight of your night make-up lipstick applied, or you don’t apply (!). Nude lipsticks as well as well-groomed lips can be great complement to your night makeup. So if you don’t want to have a more unhealthy, well-groomed but uneasy beauty, you can keep the focal point of your makeup like Olivia Wilde in one place and complete the rest with lighter touches.

Olivia Wilde's Top Secret Makeup Cheats
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