Spring, the love season came: Let’s think that they brought love and love?

Spring months have come, officially we are now cracking our seeds, colorful flowers inside us will open the leaves. The hearts are waiting for the seeds that we will throw, like the refreshed lands,

The smell of love began to release even in our noses.

The quests began with a vague twitch.

And what is the reason for this desire, which lies behind this search? In other words, our expectation from relations, what is the main issue that fueled our need for this?

The love season came: Let's think that they brought love and love?

I would like to talk about the search for a relationship rather than a search for love and at the same time what our relationship with our relationship with.

We should do a little work with ourselves, accompanied by some questions.

When we have a relationship, we change our lives, how much we are. How much does our daily routine change? If we look at our lives, from the observer point when we choose one (without labeling, criticizing, and judging); do we set out the criteria we create in spontaneity or in our head?

Simple but decisive questions.

The love season came: Let's think that they brought love and love?

Usually it does not give the opportunity to spontaneity, falling into love, the mind is attached to the mind. So the secret is actually the commands of the mood we construct the relationship with.

Culturally, even with regard to the duration of the relationship, we have some labels and assessments accordingly. As a result of a certain period of marriage does not result in relations with the seeds of doubt.

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Here, we are clearly a sociological pattern, a learned judgment, and we give our exam as a double.

Judgments, which are based on generalizations, throw us into far away from the purity of what we are living in, which, if you look at your own background, I am sure you will come across examples.

To sum up, we must observe our choices according to what we do. This observation will keep us from experiencing the same type of relationship.

The person who really wants love, fallen in love when it falls ğ Does not try to kill love. It does not determine the options that you can fall in love with. Allow spontaneity.

The love season came: Let's think that they brought love and love?

The spontaneity brings to it the intimate love that is desired. Because now you have become love. He who surrendered to life is love himself, which is in flow. It takes love from everything and everyone, without feeling a sense of deprivation.

Therefore, when a relationship begins, a structuring begins at the same time, and a building, a creation. The Comradeship falls on the spot where all four hands fall under the stone.

You don’t have to show yourself, you don’t need to tell, you don’t have to sell it roughly. You can find it wherever you are. In the case of finding this, there is only the search. When it happens, it also happens…

Your love is your way,
with love.

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