Learn the 10 essential parts of your wardrobe and be inspired by our style suggestions.

Nowadays although the fashion of men changes, certain key parts continue to take on the role of permanent savior with the timelessness. The classic pieces shaped around quality and the right section form the basic elements of a correct style. Another meaning of this is to look at the clothes that are always in your hands, sort of investment. Every classic piece of fabric and workmanship is of high quality. We have chosen 10 important pieces for you in your wardrobe that deserve this attentive approach.

Trench coat

Trench coats, which are indispensable for spring and autumn season, make room for your wardrobe. A trench coat in beige or coffee shades is one of the chic pieces that can easily accompany you both in your everyday life and in private.

It’s a classic White shirt

One of the clothes you should not compromise on quality is the white shirt. In your wardrobe, you should have at least 4-5 different white fabrics from different fabrics. When choosing this important piece that should be at hand for your stylish or sports combos, pay attention to the fabric quality and the fit position on you.

Yes, Blue shirt too

The same rules apply to blue shirts that are as important as a white shirt. You should have at least a few different shades of blue shirts that you care about. In this way, you can easily do any combination you want.

Gray Sweatshirt

Gray sweatshirts, especially at the weekend, will always save you a piece of your time. As you can use with jeans or chino trousers, you can combine with almost any color with the advantage of being an intermediate color.

Oxford Shoes

You can always rely on Oxford shoes when you call it elegance. The Oxford shoes, which are complementary to suits, are the only pieces that have an elegant and masculine look. You should definitely buy an Oxford shoe, especially brown and black.

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Denim Shirt

A little rebellious, a little western but always cool looking denim shirts, especially when combined with white t-shirts to create a sporty and stylish effect. Take care to use denim shirts with chino trousers. If you like the 80s and 90s fashion, you can make denim denim.

The Essential 10 Pieces of the Men's Wardrobe

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