Based on a bestselling crime novel, Quicksand is about a student named Maja being held in charge of a mass murder at a school in Stockholm.

Quicksand, which will be screened on Netflix on April 5, was adapted for the best-selling novel from the Swedish writer Malin Persson Giolito. The scenario of the series, which took place after an armed attack at a school in Stockholm, was written by Camilla Ahlgreen, the author of the world-famous novel The Bridge. An ordinary high school student, Maja Norberg, finds herself in the process of murder at the time of a mass attack on a class in one of Stockholm’s richest regions.

The details behind what happened in that tragic day were similar to that of Maja’s Sebastian Fagerman and his troubled family. In the series, Maja is played by Hanna Ardéhn while Ardéhnuele is accompanied by Felix Sandman, Helena Af Sandeberg, Samuel Fröler, Iman Mirbioki and Anita Olatunji.

Quicksand Season 1 Official Teaser – Netflix

So will there be more seasons? Considering the series is a Netflix original series and only just dropped, the truth is that we don’t know as of yet. We are also hoping that Netflix releases some information on viewing figures, as it did with popular series such as Sex Education and YOU.

Post updated: 6 May, 2019

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