Dill (anethum graveolens) is one of the herbs used to add flavor to various dishes. Main dishes are salad, soup, sauce, fish and meat dishes. However, it is not just a herb used to add taste to the food. It also has many benefits. It is a very beneficial herb because it grows naturally.

Dill usually grows in South Russia, Mediterranean Region and West Africa, it contains various substances such as magnesium, iron, calcium and manganese and also has a rich content in terms of vitamins A and C.

Dill, which is highly effective against a number of diseases, increases the immune system and increases its ability to fight microbes. Dill contains very little calories. With this feature, diet and eating people who are paying attention to the top of the list of food, is located.

Surprising Benefits of Dill Herb

Dill has many health benefits. In addition, there are extra features such as halitosis, prevention of gas jams in babies and children and high fiber content. In the rest of our article you will find the benefits of dill with its ingredients and explanations.

According to a scientific study, it was found that the use of dill reduced the triglyceride value by 50 percent and cholesterol level by 20 percent. Although this study was carried out with the use of the product obtained by extracting the extract of dill, it is estimated that similar results will be obtained by consuming dill leaves.

Surprising Benefits of Dill Herb

According to another experiment, it was observed that the dill had a preventive effect on the development of microbes. In addition, in the case of consumption of dill oil, cereal grains, barley and most of the germ in a wheat germ and other food in the other 5 forms of germs that have the effect of eliminating. Similarly, another study conducted by scientists at the University of Vienna and found similar results.

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Another benefit of dill is that it regulates the digestive system. It plays an effective role in eliminating the effects of digestive problems such as indigestion, stomach pains and stomach cramps. It also prevents the effects of stomach ulcers and shortens the recovery time. Dill is also an excellent gas expectorant. Especially people suffering from gas problems have no drawbacks. However, in order to prevent the occurrence of allergic conditions, it is useful to consult a doctor.

Surprising Benefits of Dill Herb

Dill has a rich calcium content. The factor that forms the structure of bones is calcium. In some cases, bone loss is observed in the bones. However, along with the dill consumption, you are protected against bone diseases that have happened to many people. It provides the formation of a solid bone and skeletal structure, protection of necessary minerals and bone health in children. It also prevents the widespread occurrence of bone resorption as age progresses.

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