Imagine after a long day, take the first step home. If you’ve entered the door, some of you may be meeting a very messy sight. Some of you may have a relatively more regular framework. But did you know that the layout of your coat, the color of your living room, the plants you share your living space, and many other design elements will be directly related to your calmness?

Zen philosophy, which dates back to the 12th century, speaks about it. Eder Zen olduğun briefly mentions that small details have meaning. Zen philosophy is to be able to live with all awareness as to what is happening and to move on to another event, subject or situation with a new, inclusive and complete awareness. Therefore, approaching your living space with zen philosophy can be summarized as not disturbing your awareness of the space. A house designed according to Zen philosophy will help you increase your awareness in all your actions and help you to become more conscious.

Stress-free Home in 6 steps

So what exactly does a design tell us according to Zen philosophy?
Primarily Zen describes a minimalist approach. Its natural materials, natural light and a purely stripped-out simplicity of confusion are highlighted. So Zen should be a home environment, minimalist, visually balanced and at the same time aesthetic and hence quiet and relaxing. So in what ways can we design a more Zen house?

Get rid of extra stuff

As I mentioned above, in order to design a house that will make you more balanced, you must first get rid of your excesses. For this you can start by categorizing your household items. Categorize your work, including utensils, clothes, shoes, decorative objects, jewelry, furniture, furniture accessories, technological instruments and, if available, your children’s items. Start with your kitchen utensils. Place your object in the same category that you don’t use and probably won’t use, or too many in number, on a table, and set aside a piece. Then say goodbye to him to give to a person in need. You can do this for all your objects in the same category in the kitchen. (You can choose 3 to 3 pieces instead of 5 pieces.)

Stress-free Home in 6 steps

You can also watch the same scenario to debug your clothes and shoes. Besides, develop a rule for yourself. For example, the last winter you will never wear the items you have never worn this winter to separate them and say goodbye. Keep in mind that each object you place on the side as a need for a day creates a new space where you connect. Get this bond free. Do this for all the objects you think you’re stuck in your home.

Create green spaces

It is inevitable that plants with a small amount and cleverly placed plants will increase your mode. However, no matter how much you like the plants, you can obtain 5 long-lasting plants, perhaps the difficulty of maintaining 15-20 plants in the home environment and the risk of permanent decay. (However, if this is your passion, you can design a new space for your plants on a balcony, but I suggest you move away from a large number of plants in the interior.) Instead of flowering plants, you can choose sukulent that requires low maintenance and refreshes your home.

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A new touch on your walls

Take a look at your house and if your walls are covered with a lot of irregular objects, you can also simplify. For example, you can choose a wall for your pictures, convert that wall into a gallery wall, and make sure that all objects are placed on a single wall. In addition, the wall behind the TV in the living room and the wall behind the bedroom in the bedroom, a color that is absolutely calming, warm and pastel color. In doing so, you can do a little research on the effects of colors on human beings, and you can add warmth to your home by choosing a harmonious tone with your furniture. Or as pleasant or not, the other a minimalist approach most of us in Turkey, you can leave all the walls white and simple.

Stress-free Home in 6 steps

Capture naturalness in your decorative objects

You may not be able to touch your furniture because you have recycled your current home, or you can do your own i do-it-yourself yeniden and furniture covers. can minimize. However, it is useful to say goodbye to your crystal-looking, bright, attention-grabbing objects; You can design your space with a few objects in wood tones. Perhaps placing a wooden wall and a minimalist green plant on your entrance will make it easier to step into the house when you enter the house.


Take a look at your vanity, maybe your makeup table, your bathroom and your kitchen counter. The layout you create to keep everything under hand may be keeping you in a quieter environment. For example, keep your belongings in the drawers and cupboards if not possible. Remember to make a redundancy screening when performing the removal process. In the kitchen and in the bathroom, with a few small interventions, perhaps a shelf on the wall or a small wooden wardrobe that you will acquire, etc., place the required materials in a single point and in a certain order as in the hall wall. Do not forget to put your existing drawers and cabinets in a certain order.

Stress-free Home in 6 steps

Describe the smell of your home

Every house has a smell. You change your own house scent. Nowadays, you can find a delicate fragrance that you can obtain from many home decoration stores or personal care stores and place this smell in your bathroom and entrance area. If you like it, I would say that you will prefer a lavender essence that will soothe you in your bedroom.
Don’t forget to review all these 6 steps periodically and apply simplification in every aspect of your life. It will be inevitable for a more calm mood to meet you.

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