Every year the sport comes at the beginning of the list of changing sports trends. Keeping a close watch on different types of equipment and training is important for people who have adopted “healthy living”.

Sports Trainers Explains New Sports Trends

Wearable Technologies

Activity tracking devices, smart watches, heart rate monitors and GPS tracking devices are wearable technologies. These devices can monitor heart rate, calories, sitting time and more. Wearable technology first emerged as a fitness trend in 2016. And now he’s back to the top.

Sports Trainers Explains New Sports Trends
Sports Trainers Explains New Sports Trends

Group Workout

Group classes are designed to be effective and motivational sessions for instructors with leadership techniques that help individuals in their class achieve fitness goals. There are many types of class and equipment from cardio-based classes to indoor cycling, dance-based classes and step classes. Group training training programs have been going on for a long time and are seen as a worldwide potential since the beginning of a fitness trends survey.

Sports Trainers Explains New Sports Trends

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

These training programs typically include short bursts of a short rest period after high intensity training exercises. Despite the potentially increasing warning of some fitness professionals, HIIT has become popular in fitness centers all over the world.

Sports Trainers Explains New Sports Trends

Free Body Weight

This program, which is a combination of variable resistance body weight training and neuromotor movements using multiple motion planes, is about using body weight as a training model. Body weight training usually uses minimal equipment, making it an inexpensive and functional way to train effectively.

Sports Trainers Explains New Sports Trends

Personal Trainer

This trend continues as personal fitness trainers become more accessible at workplaces that are online, in health clubs, at home and at fitness facilities. A personal fitness trainer includes goal setting by the trainer with a variety of fitness tests, with the trainer working with a customer for specific needs for each individual customer’s needs and goals. Since the first time the Fitness Trends survey has been carried out, this trend has succeeded in the top 10.

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