In recent years Selena Gomez, who has kidney surgery has designed bikinis that hides the scar marks. Brilliant idea! Previously collaborating with Puma and doing sports apparel designs, Gomez now designed a bikini.

“Every woman wants to feel sexy. Every woman wants to feel confident and beautiful,” Mingus tells Gomez during a video they filmed together. “I definitely want to have a variety of different pieces so everyone can wear them.”

Last Thursday, the famous singer’s friend Theresa Mingus released the beach apparel brand Krahs. Selena Gomez has also contributed to the first collection as a designer and has very special pieces.

Selena Gomez Designed A Bikinis

Gomez, who has a kidney surgery in 2016, conceals this surgery with high-waisted red bikini designs. I had a great time designing, Ming said Gomez, who shared this collaboration with Mingus in a video. One of my designs is high-waisted and arched. I’ve had a kidney transplant surgery and I prefer bikinis that cover this trail, which makes me feel more comfortable, Gomez added.

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Selena Gomez Designed A Bikinis

The Selena X Krahs capsule collection includes five front, red, neon, black and patterned five bikini sets. Among these bikinis, which attract attention with their different details, there is a swimsuit that can be used in daily wear! This swimsuit with zipper detail can be stylized as a body that can be combined with jeans and back.

Selena Gomez Designed A Bikinis

Collection pieces ranging from $40- $70 appeal to all women. Every woman wants to feel attractive.

Selena Gomez Designed A Bikinis

“Every woman wants to feel beautiful and self-confident” says Theresa Mingus who tries to offer as much variety as possible in her collection.

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