We don’t see Mila Kunis very often on the red carpet. But when the famous is beautiful in time, the time between the beauty is able to make us forget.

We also had one of these moments at the premiere of Mila’s new film Wonder Park. Mila’s outfit on a red carpet reflects the contrasting harmony of pink and black while the hair and make-up of the successful actor gives a lesson of simplicity.

Practical Tips on Eye Makeup by Mila Kunis

Displaying the perfect example of the bulky Hollywood curls, Mila shows that there is no need to try to impress the red carpet with its smoothly combed chestnut hair. The famous beauty’s makeup is as simple and impressive as her hair. Completing her satin finish with a pink cheeks and catching a pretty color transition with a pink-nude lipstick on her lips, the Hollywood star’s focal point is her eyes as usual.

Mila, who has a misty look by applying eyelash on the eyelashes, has a glamorous black frame. Let’s give you the secret of makeup that brings this look together: Hollywood eyeliner. Mila pulled the pencil into the top of her eyelashes and handed over the eye makeup completely to black and got more eye-catching looks.

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This technique is not only in the night view or when you want to apply an ultra-black makeup, but it is also one of your biggest helpers when you want to emphasize your look without enjoying your makeup without make-up.

To play hide and seek on the red carpet, Mila Kunis makes small surprises and inspires us with her beauty.

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