If shopping has turned into a habit that is more than a passion for you and you have already forgotten to return with the same number of suitcases from your travels; you should go to London, surrounded by modern and regular streets, the streets that host world-famous shops, and the second-hand markets that date back centuries. You can buy a large number of items that add color to your closet from the luxury shops and second-hand markets that feature fashionable prints. Here are some of the places to shop in London.

Now prepare to go and shop ‘til you drop – or ‘til your bank account runs dry.

Oxford Street

If you’re looking for a place that guides street fashion, Oxford Street with more than 500 stores can be a great address for you. When shopping in London, one of the first places to come to mind is the designer boutiques where Oxford Street sells unique pieces and watch outfits with trendy clothes and shoes in luxury stores, and take into account the fast rise of the Euro.

Places to Go for Shopping in London

Bond Street

Bond Street, which includes giant stores of world-famous brands such as Gucci, Armani and Christian Dior, is one of the frequencies of those who cannot give up their passion for the brand. You can feel as if you’ve fallen into heaven after seeing the glamorous showcases of the latest designs of these luxury brands.

Portobello Road

If you are interested in antique pieces and second-hand items, your heart rate can be accelerated when you see Portobello Road. Portobello Road, a fascinating second-hand market, is closed on Sundays, with its stalls that are as impressive as you can see in half an hour. As the antique market is opened on Saturdays, it is more convenient for antique lovers who want to travel around here in this direction.

Places to Go for Shopping in London

Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane Market, where the trendy trend of vintage clothing has been sold recently, is a very attractive marketplace for evaluating the marketplace, but if you want to see this place, you have to waive your beauty sleep and wake up a little early. Brick Lane Market, opened at 08.00 am and closed at 14.00.

Places to Go for Shopping in London

Old Spitalfields Market

If you want to shop and see a historical place, you can go to the Old Spitalfields Market, which is known as the oldest market in London. In this market, which is a nice escape point on rainy days because it is closed, there are second hand items, handmade jewelry, plaques and looms where food products are sold.

Places to Go for Shopping in London

Harrods Department Store

Harrods Department Store, located in a building designed by Charles Henry Harrod in 1834, is one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to luxury shopping. This shopping center, where the magnificent shops of the most expensive and famous brands of the world serve, can be seen not only for any budget but also for following the fashion.

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Places to Go for Shopping in London
Places to Go for Shopping in London

Camden Market

When you go to Camden Market, a very old and popular market in Camden Town, you can come across a lot of people covered with tattoos and piercings. If you are a heavy metal, rock and punk musician, you can find valuable plaques and clothing in this market.

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