Summer is the time to turn the route to the Greek islands. Would you like to start this year’s vacation by checking that Mykonos nightlife is really that good?

The season is coming to the blue waters of the Aegean. He’s already started for some. The last few prints Mykonos name stands out as the most popular island in the Aegean. Where is Mykonos? Just north of the famous Santorini. But now it is hard to find out which one is more famous. Even the party paradise of the Aegean paradise has even put the shoe of Santorini.

We did this by comparing the fame of the islands, but the truth is that if a healthy comparison between Santorini and Mykonos is to be made, it’s more accurate: Santorini is probably the most beautiful island in Greece, but if you say fun, it’s the best in Mykonos.

How long should I stay in Mykonos?

We have answered the question of where is Mykonos, now in the queue. Never mind a party island. There are also places to visit.

Mykonos Island Holiday Guide

Let’s start with the question of how much time it takes for the tour of Mykonos. We’re talking about a pretty small island. In fact, an average of two days is probably enough to discover the whole island. However, we recommend that you devote more than that to experience the island life in a real sense and to give the right to the list of places to visit in Mykonos.

How to Travel on the Island?

Although we are talking about a relatively small area in size, you have a transportation problem that you need to solve while in the island. You can take advantage of car rental options in Mykonos, as in all Greek Islands. This is the method we recommend to get you out of the island. Other than that, you have three options.

Mykonos Island Holiday Guide

Mobilet: As with all the Aegean, this little motorcycle is used here too. You can also choose this option if you have a motor license. Most car rental offices are also renting scooters. You can find rental services from Skyscanner’s search engine.

Bus: Public bus runs across the island as public transport. However, during the summer hours, you will still need to make your schedule according to the schedule. This situation will connect your hand a little bit while enjoying the island.

Boat: Here is a familiar word for you. I mean, the boat. Another transportation model around the island is boating. You will see boat stops at various points, especially the harbor.

Mykonos Island Holiday Guide

What to Eat in Mykonos

Greek food? Where do we start? You can choose Popolo for the traditional tastes of island cuisine. Moreover, Turkish tourists visiting Greece are often troubled by coffee, which is a source of distress between the two communities. Popolo is a place where you will not have any problems. We can also guarantee you will be satisfied with the coffee in the final.

If you are looking for a slightly more airy restaurant, we can recommend M-eating. If you catch, try the sea bass.

Mykonos Island Holiday Guide

Kiki’s Tavern will definitely be included if you ask. This is because it is a wonderful traditional Greek tavern. They don’t accept reservations. You’ve got to go over time or wait in line.

Scorpios is the idea of a 24-hour beach. The food is also very nice. We recommend Katerina’s Bar for the bar and Madoupas as a café.

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Hotels in Mykonos

One of the best things about Mykonos hotels is that there are lots of small and comfortable accommodation options across the island. For a sweet little hotel, you can choose Villa Thelgo or Villa Kampani.

Mykonos Island Holiday Guide

If you’re a little more reasonable, your search engine will help you browse all of the hotels, motels and hostels on the island.

For example, there are beach resorts. You can choose the beach that you like from Psarou, Agias, Elio, Ornos or Platys Gialos and choose to stay there.

Spa hotels such as Avaton are among the ways you can try to turn your island holiday into something else.

What to do in Mykonos?

Mykonos Island Holiday Guide

The center of the island is also the biggest town here. Nevertheless, as a result, do not portray anything very big. Rarity Gallery is one of the places you should stop if you spend time in the day other than sea and sun. Along with Dio Horia, they form the art galleries of the island. The place where you must come to watch the sunrise and sunset from the harbor and the old breakwater.

A day trip to the island of Delos, located right next to Mykonos, is also one of the places to see on the island. It is possible to go to this small island for 20 euros. The island is known as the birthplace of the Greek god Apollo and is a paradise for those who enjoy archaeological remains.

Sea view Kato Mill mills is one of the attractions of Mykonos.

Paraportiani Church is one of those that you will be happy to see. The white church stands at a point where we can call it a single example of its kind.

Next stop is the Panagia Tourliani monastery, which is just outside the center of Mykonos. This is one of the most important monasteries in which the eastern influence can be clearly observed in all of Greece. You will feel like you are here in a history book that has been mirroring for centuries.

The church of Agios Nikolaos will probably be the smallest place of worship you have ever seen. If we call this place a church, we don’t have a wrong definition.

Mykonos Island Holiday Guide

Ideal Mykonos Route Tour

Mykonos is one of the names of Little Venice. You understand why this is called in the first half hour on the island. Yes, there is not a canal but a vast sea. But especially when the evening sun hits them, the colorful houses reach a beauty that can compete with the visual feast that Venice offers.

You’re on an entertainment island. You’re probably going to want to be there. But if you need a little more calm beach, you must turn your route to Fokos Bay. It has a crystal clear sea and a great beach in the same way as the rest of the island. But it has a relatively quiet audience.

If you’re done with the part of cultural tourism, you can go to the part that Mykonos really owes to its fame.

Mykonos Island Holiday Guide

If you intend to start partying while the sun is still on the hill, head to Paradise Beach. The Tropicana Beach Club is making the best cocktails on the island.

In the evening you can start the night at Cavo Paradiso. DJ sets, big and enthusiastic crowds, plus a big pool kulu Imagine the rest.

Later on, you can continue to enjoy the large and small bars and clubs of Mykonos.

Have fun!

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