Ready to go on the journey in the time tunnel? Here is the guide of the 90s fashion

Once upon a time we were watching Friend’s Rachel and moving to New York. Framing our lips with a dark pencil, we found our eyebrows beautiful when it came to the consistency of the rope. These were the periods in which we communicated with ICQ, which was the ancestor of WhatsApp, where the Tamagotchi did not fall. The days we were promoted to the CD player from Walkman.

Grunge is the trend of fashion that has been influenced by all young people of Kurt Cobain. Thanks to this current, all of the 80s were destroyed. You could push the boundaries of style with a ripped jeans, a large t-shirt and a lumberjack shirt to tie to your waist. Postal or sneaker, leather or denim jacket; You could also add accessories such as beanie and bandana. We have compiled the key parts of this rebellious and simple period for you.

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90’s Fashion Outfit Gallery

Women’s high-heeled shoes on the street is the period. The shoes we were going to look at with strange eyes were very fashionable that day. Everybody used to be in line to wear heels with almost two shoes in it.

The 90s were very fashionable, reminiscent of bodybuilders. People were shining with exaggerated shoulders and shimmering clothes. Today, the wadding is still recommended for people with narrow shoulders.

Disco light look, these clothes were worn in almost every party in the 90s. These clothes, which are in various colors and shapes, became the focus of everyone’s attention. These clothes are used frequently in parties of the 90s concept.

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