The Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius, the paradise islands of the Indian Ocean, open the doors of entertainment and luxury to those who want a comfortable luxury escapes from stress. Whether you’re looking for a honeymoon or just a romantic getaway, Indian Ocean points are a favorite this year.

White sandy beaches, a turquoise sea, a lush paradise and endless sunshine. These are the pictures imagined for summer holidays. But every holiday paradise dazzles with its unique features. The dream islands of the Indian Ocean, Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius, are looking for an alternative route this year, inviting you to experience an unforgettable holiday experience.

Luxury Escapes Indian Ocean Islands

Luxurious Address: Maldives

In the Maldives, which is called hakim Paradise Islands ad, consisting of 1200 islands in the Indian Ocean, every day of the year has a tropical climate. Maldives, which is a paradise with its pale white sands, crystal blue waters, ornate and lush vegetation, is also one of the world’s leading diving centers thanks to its breathtaking ocean and coral reefs. marine aircraft.

Luxury Escapes Indian Ocean Islands

This paradise islands, along with local cuisine from which you can taste different tastes from Indian and Far East cuisines, offers international cuisine at the international brand hotels‘ own facilities. Five-star hotels with villas and suites offering stunning views of the Indian Ocean are popular. These luxury villas preferred by honeymoon couples, are located on the lagoon and have facilities such as private spa rooms, sun terraces, private pools, outdoor showers and verandas.

In addition, spa centers in almost every hotel offer their customers the benefits of natural products such as treatments, meditation and yoga classes, steam baths and saunas. If you want to wake up after a bit of relaxation, you can take a quick ride, snorkel, explore the surrounding islands and enjoy a variety of water sports.

Luxury Escapes Indian Ocean Islands

Far From Eyes: Seychelles

As part of the African continent, the Seychelles is a luxury excursion point famous for its magnificent nature and beaches. Seychelles, the pristine nature, white sands, palm trees and turquoise sea with an exotic atmosphere is ideal for living. Do not return to the islands with the most beautiful beaches of the world without diving and snorkeling. Whether honeymoon breaks or family vacation; Seychelles offers its visitors many beauty and activities.

Luxury Escapes Indian Ocean Islands

The island of Seychelles, which is one of the favorite seaside holiday spots of the last years, is located in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but the biggest island of Mahe is sunbathing on untouched beaches, world famous beaches, Grand Anse, Anse Coco and La Digue beach. should not return without arbitrary. Seychelles is very rich in Creole cuisine. Fish, seafood and rice are the main dishes of this place. Especially in Seychelles, the paradise of different tastes such as cuttlefish, shark and octopus, the effects of French, African and Indian cuisine are also seen.

Luxury Escapes Indian Ocean Islands

Among the activities that can be done in Seychelles is scuba diving, so scuba diving is coming. Colorful fish and coral reefs will blow your mind with colors and enchanting images. Also, the Seychelles are perfect for golf enthusiasts. You can play golf in Lémuria, home to an 18-hole championship golf course.

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For a special getaway: Mauritius Island

Mauritius Island, a paradise on earth with a tropical climate and vegetation in the middle of the Indian Ocean, awaits those looking for a holiday with its silver gray beaches, turquoise lagoons, underwater and above beauties.

Luxury Escapes Indian Ocean Islands

Sunbathing on an unspoiled beach, sailing in tropical hot waters, diving with corals, shopping in traditional markets and special boutiques, dining in an elegant restaurant with beautiful and romantic dishes merc. This lush tropical island is also home to some of the best spa facilities in the world.

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