You don’t understand what time is going on? What do you enjoy doing? What excites you? In short, what are you passionate about?

I guess there is nothing in this life that makes people feel as void as being aimless. It is very important for the mental health to have a purpose to remove it from the bed in the morning. However, many people find their lives meaningless and demented despite having. This is because most people do not dare to pursue their passion.

Knowing what you have passion for is important to find your purpose in life. Because passion drives your energy and connects you to your goal. The secret of all inspirational work is passion. Passion is a positive, intense feeling for something you have deep meaning for. Passion is related to your identity, meaningful and important to you. Your passion is the essence of your existence. If you have a passion for something, you cannot help yourself thinking about it, acting on it, and talking about it with others. It is very difficult to excite others without feeling intense, meaningful connection to the content of your purpose. It is a mistake to believe that you can influence and inspire others about something that doesn’t fit your identity. Your passion is your story.

Those who follow their passion are self-confident. These people tend to express positive feelings such as excitement, eagerness, enthusiasm and optimism. Steve Jobs gave a speech in Stanford University in 2005 where he said, düşün Don’t let the noise of others’ thoughts choke your own inner voice. And most importantly, show your courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you really want to be ın and says that success is about doing what you’re passionate about.

Leave a mark in life: What is your biggest passion?

How you think is reflected in how you look. When you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you’re going to have positive thoughts, your energy will be transmitted to those who follow you. Don’t be afraid to express the person you are. Do this only to give and take something, not to take away, to give it to others. But you can spread a bigger idea by doing what you love and are passionate about. Ideas are your way to leave a trail in this life. If you can’t inspire someone else with your ideas, it doesn’t matter how good those ideas are. You must be able to present ideas to inspire others. The most interesting presentations are those who touch the heart, teach new things and are sincere.

Leave a mark in life: What is your biggest passion?

So how do you find your passion? If you have an idea that will affect people and you are excited about the idea of spreading it, that is what is your passion. No matter how beautiful your opinion is, it does not affect people’s heart. Touching people’s hearts is about telling your own story. Because your story is a part of you. You are convinced yourself first of what you have internalized. Something that you are convinced yourself, automatically reaches the mind and heart of others. And what we call success comes with it.

Leave a mark in life: What is your biggest passion?

If you’re still alive, your life has a purpose. You can do great things. Do not sabotage yourself because you are unable to communicate your potential. Being useful as an individual is good for your health and body, and most importantly, making your life more meaningful. Stay with love.

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