The fact that women care about nail care is a known fact. Therefore, there are some situations to learn about 2019 nail fashion. Firstly, it should be understood which models of nail polishes should be used to make the nails look well-groomed. It is possible to say that glittering nails stand out in 2019 fashion, and these luminaires differ according to dress and makeup type.

You can also use elegant ashy nude colors to show yourself elegant. These colors are more prominent with lilac and lilac color. You can choose from the most beautiful nail polish models with a little research on the web.

Bronze metal colors can also be preferred if we continue luminous nail fashion. Blue or beige colors will be waiting for you as an alternative to these colors which are indispensable especially in winter.

Women who are in favor of purity may prefer rust reddish nail polish. Again, this kind of nail polish as well as the selection of clothes should be paid attention to.


Therefore, when we examine 2019 nail fashion, we can say that new trends have come to the fore according to seasonal cycles. In addition, you can feel a lot more beautiful with different sparkling nail polishes.

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Hot Silver

Neither gold, nor rose nor silver, combined with hot-reflecting stone-colored metallic textures, becomes the new favorite of classical sparkling nails.

Wine Red

The classic burgundy winks in lighter tones this season. Red with black concentrate, reflecting the nobility of the payroll in your manicure

Ashy Nude

Nude tones in simple and elegant tone, the new season is a quiet and low-tone tone. This color, which contains a pinch of bruise, will replace the skin tone nails you are used to.

Bronze Metals

The rising color of the season in the nails is hot reflective metals. Metallic touches on the nails of fading leaves to the fiery reds are the first choice of those who want a stunning manicure.

Gel Black

It is one of the bright black indispensables. This color, which is compatible with every look, is refreshed with gel sheen in the new season

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