If we say we cannot follow the manicure trends one after the other, we are not lying! The rapidly spreading quotes in social media are surprising to us from day to day.

We want to introduce you to the newest trend of social media. Among the foreign bloggers, the newest nail fashion has fascinated us. If you like to try different nail art models on your fingernails, you should continue reading.

If you like creative and elegant styles in nail art models, you can choose the harmony of black and powder color. The bronze glittering nail polishes that fit very well in the summer, and add a different air to the nail art.

One of the colors that best suits the spring is white. If you want to add a light color instead of plain white nail polish, we recommend mixing white and light pink. You can drive the white nail polish with pearlescent shine to the rest of the nail. While doing this, you can get a perfect transition by getting help from the make-up sponges.

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Nail designs have been made for thousands of years. In the year 3000 BC the nail polish was used in China. Making Nail Patterns was harder than. Since the invention of manicures and nail polishes in the 20th century, nail polish designs have become more detailed than ever. For the nail pattern, people are often inspired by elements such as pop culture, cartoon and music. You need different tools for professional nail art, but it is not difficult to make easy designs at home. Of course, if you want to paint yourself at home, you will need acrylic paint. It is possible to find these paints in almost every stationery.

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