Forget about black, this spring is over our eyes. We put together the trend colors of the season in eye makeup on Latest.Net!

We met a new era in eye makeup. Now the classic black eyeliner is replaced with colored eyeliner. You can try the trend of colorful eyeliner for an ambitious and romantic look in the eyes and give the chance to look at in cat eyes.

A distinctive eye make-up has little to add to and instantly add to the look and feel. With a wonderful smokey eye makeup using a few eye shadow, or with eyeliner or eyeliner you are able to easily get stunning looks. But most of us are obsessed with a single color and style of eyeliner; black, tailed eyeliner! But don’t you think it’s time to make a difference? For example, how about using colored eyeliner on your next eye makeup?

Latest Color Eyeliners Trends

Or do you need an inspiration to draw the easy eyeliner? Then you should take a look at these suggestions!

You can also use colored eyeliner, not just a single tone, but a couple of shades. For example, you can have a different color from the eye fountain through the middle of the eyelid, another color in the middle of the eyelid and finally another color to the eyeliner tail. Isn’t that cool?

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Latest Color Eyeliners Trends

If you like pastel tones, you can steal your heart in this eyeliner view in pastel lilac tint! The ideal way to add a difference to the usual comet eyeliner appearance. First create the tail, then combine the line with a line starting from the eye fountain. Finally also complete the view with several layers of mascara. It’s that easy!

Latest Color Eyeliners Trends

Blue, purple, yellow, green and white colors such as eyeliner, revives the look and provides an energetic look. There are celebrities like Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Elle Fanning. If you choose an eyeliner in energetic colors, the rest of your makeup must be simple. Nude lipstick, a blush in natural tones and transparent brighteners make it ideal for completing live eye makeup.