If you are interested in different cultures, we will now offer you a new discovery: Doha, Qatar’s capital. In this city, which does not require a visa, almost every day of the year in the city is warm. Whether you plan as a weekend getaway or weekly; The to-do list in Doha is pretty fluffy.

Doha, situated on its rivals in the Middle East in terms of hospitality industry and customer experience, is the largest tourist destination in terms of tourism. Especially if you are passionate about warm climates, it is important to emphasize that the city is 25 degrees even in January. Qatar Airlines connects Doha to 150 destinations on six continents. Hamad International Airport holds the title of faz The Best Airport in the Middle East un and frankly, it is more than worth it. If we talk about a little culture; It was always welcome to share food and drink among the desert travelers in the immigrant community. This tradition is a symbolic expression of hospitality in Doha; Do not turn back the service made to your hotel as soon as you step.

Katara Katara Cultural Village Katara is an innovative interpretation of the architectural heritage of the region, and the impressive theaters, galleries and performance venues of this special building make a live program of concerts, shows and exhibitions throughout the year. Kataraors recreational attractions include a spacious, clean public beach with a wide range of dining options and water sports, including top-class restaurants serving a range of cuisines.

Journey to Doha, Authentic Experiences

MIA MIA (Museum of Islamic Art) 14-century history, how about a few hours to explore? The best examples of the art of the Islamic world and the works of the Islamic Arts Museum where the works are exhibited are among the most important cultural institutions of the world. The museum aims to keep the attention of the visitors fresh with special exhibition programs. Please note that admission to temporary shows is free for temporary shows.

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Journey to Doha, Authentic Experiences

My Unforgettable Experience: Desert Safari For a thrilling, bumpy ride on steep sand dunes, try the 4×4 offroad safari. Or camel riding, boarding the sand, or desert car driving are other options for desert experiences. Day, evening and night time camping trips are organized; you can find bedouin camps in the desert of many tour operators. At the end of the safari, it is a pleasure to sit near the sea and sip a cup of tea or coffee.

Journey to Doha, Authentic Experiences

Souq Waqif’s crowded streets give visitors an authentic experience of traditional trade, architecture and culture. The area consisting of small shops; From spices and seasonal delicacies to perfumes, jewelry to clothes and cheap souvenirs, it offers a wide variety of Middle East. Traditional music, art and cultural performances enhance the ambience of this special place. While going to Souq Waqif, I wouldn’t return without eating in Parisa, the glamorous restaurant in its fullest sense, let us say it! Especially the pilafs were delicious.

Journey to Doha, Authentic Experiences

Pearl-Qatar is a man-made island that offers luxury shopping opportunities in the boutiques, show towers, villas and hotels alongside Mediterranean-style yacht marinas, residence towers and villas off the West Bay coast. Surrounded by cafes and restaurants that offer a full range of flavors, from the island to the popular dining point, the rooftop sightseeing area, ice cream to a five-star dining experience.

Journey to Doha, Authentic Experiences
Journey to Doha, Authentic Experiences

Doha Must-do List

  • Take a shopping tour in Al Hazm, one of the largest and most fashionable shopping centers.
  • Savor the nightlife’s atmosphere in the Illusion Rooftop Lounge, which is located in Kempinski and requires a reservation.
  • Have lunch at the restaurant of world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay.
  • St. Swim and sunbathe on Regis’s beach.
  • Experience the Dhow Boat (boat trip) and take a panoramic view at night.
  • Have dinner at Zengo, Doha‘s most famous Japanese restaurant.

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