“I see the news about Meghan. Most of them are unilateral and not fair. They are being written and drawn as a woman trying to stand by the power. If you know her, you’ll know how well she is intimate, warm and she has a great heart,” Oprah Winfrey said in the CBS This Morning.

In fact, it is the bubbling of non-competition between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

As a close friend of Markle, Winfrey dominates the matter and does not keep silent. She criticizes the biased attitude of the press, but is comfortable because he knows that Markle is not interested in what is being written. “She doesn’t read anything about herself. Fortunately she doesn’t read. I appreciate it very much.” For Winfrey to not read, does not care about the injustice done. “Press should be fairer,” she says.

Talking about Meghan Markle, she soon talks about her collaboration with Prince Harry, Winfrey. A documentary series on mental health with which she will produce. “We want to shed light, to come to good to all who experience psychological problems.”

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While the mental damage caused by unfounded news in the press does not affect Meghan Markle for the time being, it obviously annoys the environment and its relatives.

Don’t you think the Duchess of Sussex is being treated fairly? Do you agree with Winfrey?

Editor note: I believe they behave too bad, in general. The UK tabloids doesn’t have a good reputation and history, in terms of the magazine and ethics. I’d pretty much say same for Kate Middleton as well, but hey, they both are super powerful women!

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