Tattoos are a trend that has attracted great interest especially in the younger generation. For some, art is the pretense for others, for others it is a way of expressing itself.

He went up to his fingers, his neck and put the point on tempo. There are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself before getting a tattoo. So, the slightest wrong decision you can make can cause you to have a look that you don’t want throughout your life. Today, a very favorite figure or article tomorrow nightmare. More importantly, if you don’t keep an eye on the person who is going to do the tattoo, that regret may start from the first minute. The right tattoo, the right decision, the right tattooist, the right care… If they don’t come together, leave your skin as it is. But if you say “that tattoo will be done”, it is a good idea to read this article.

At this point, it is very important to get information from the people of the work. Latest.Net editor Sophie Claridge asked questions to the tattoo artist Ays (who tattoo artist based in London) for the first time.

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If you have decided to make a tattoo, first of all you want to make a similar work before the motif of the work done and I would recommend a tattoo artist who has mastered the work. In the next stage, it is best to go to the tattoo artist’s studio that you want to work with in the style of tattoo that you like and see with your own eyes whether it works in a hygienic environment.

It is necessary to use disposable packaged needles, to have the tattoo equipment prepared and sterilized for each customer and to make sure that the paints used by the artist are in compliance with the health standards.

From this point on, if I assume you are against a good tattoo artist, he will ask you to design your motif by asking questions about which region you want to make, the size of the tattoo, the sample works / artists you like. Because what makes the tattoo the real value is that it is custom designed.

Please note that a good design passes through a well-established communication.

It is usually the first of the hardest stages to decide whether to have tattoos. The most difficult phase after that is to decide what kind of tattoo you want to carry throughout your life.

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The most important point here is that you are aware that you will carry the tattoo that you will carry throughout your life and that you are sure to find yourself in a tattoo seat just because it is popular recently.

If you are sensitive to your skin and allergic condition, I recommend that you consult your doctor before you have a tattoo.

In fact, there are various preferred methods for tattoo care. The first priority to note is that tattooing is an open wound and the tattoo should be kept as clean as possible.

After your tattoo is complete, you should wash the area with no more soap on it with anti-bacterial liquid soap at least 2 times a day and continue this procedure for a minimum of 3 days. Of course, the fact that water is not too hot or warm is another important issue.

In addition to these processes, after each wash, the area where the tattoo is located is to be wet with the help of a clean paper towel, to close the area with the help of stretch film and to use a new stretch each time will help you to have a healthy care process.

The healing process, which may vary from person to person, is on average between 5-10 days. During this time, you should stay away from the sea and the pool and never expose your tattoo to the sun.

Remember that tattoo care and healing are at least as important as the crafting of tattoos. If you have any questions in mind during the healing process, ask your tattoo artist first.

We need to protect our tattoo not only in the summer months but also in our whole life. Using a high-factor sunscreen to keep the moisturizer after showering and not to be exposed to the sun rays will help your tattoo to look like a new one.

One of the biggest misleadings is definitely the direction of water contact. On the contrary, the tattooed area should be kept clean and sterile.

Antibiotic and oily creams (petrolatum, ointment, etc.) should not be used in the healing processes after the tattoo.

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