Today’s hairstyle inspiration spot: Happy hair style

Hair is an indicator of social patterns and development, but it is also an expression of freedom. Is it possible to understand the effect of the period by looking at the hair types or models as in clothing and accessories? Yes, it is possible. Occasionally, rebellion and sometimes emerged as the pressure with the hairstyles, personalities are the clearest form of expression.

Hairstyles are based on many years and have an important place in cultures. For this reason, it is possible to examine the culture of the cultures of the cultures, even the ways of nutrition, ways of life or even beliefs.

Each period creates its own fashion, for example, in the early 90s, we see women with sharp and asymmetric haircuts born in feminism in the 2000s.

Keep looking for our guide for the ’90s design things, rainbow colours, patterns and blends we wore to death and afterward overlooked up to this point.

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