Met Gala, the most spectacular fashion event of the year, was recorded once more on the night of the trends.

The theme of 2019, Camp: Fashion Notes hence, the exaggeration of the limits of the night was very ambitious. Here are the hair trends that will mark the next period.

Pastel colors

Hair trends of Met Gala

Blue, purple, pink and much more Pastel colored hairs, which are among the trends of 2019, were also the lead in Met Gala. It is possible to use different colored hair with a suitable cut for your character.

Iconic Barbie

Hair trends of Met Gala

Kacey Musgraves, one of the most notable names of the perfect Barbie image, heralded the return of Barbie. The volume of blonde hair that extends to the waist never goes out of fashion.

Princess hair

Hair trends of Met Gala

Classic references are still in the year 2019. Decorated with fluffy hair, crowns and accessories… Get ready for fairy-tale looks.

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Glossy headers

Hair trends of Met Gala

One of the most original trends of the night was the shimmering headgear that made the hair more invisible than the hair accessory and became part of the costume. In the past months, our eyes will get used to these titles.


Hair trends of Met Gala

Although the carnival-inspired appearance is due to this year’s theme, we can say that it started a new trend by looking at the interest that it has seen. Get ready for this summer party with a huge show!

Mythological details

Hair trends of Met Gala

Among us the goddesses with crowns, leaves, stars and much more! The coming months are the period of grand accessories…

Modern short

Hair trends of Met Gala

All the splendor of the night aside the simplicity of the claim to the other. Style icon Bella Hadid in the memory of the night, etched into the short and modern hairstyle, will continue to rise in the coming period.

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