Winter is coming, winter is coming, and finally we have come to the final 8th season of Game of Thrones. The first short trailer of the third part of the final season was also released. Are we ready for big war?

In the final season, we are watching that trailer which belongs to the 3rd season of the legend series… Possibly we will watch only war and action scenes until end of the season.

After the close-ups, focusing on the portraits of the characters, the scenes in the series begin. When Jon says ‘The King of the Night is coming’ we see the various characters in action. Then Daenerys says to Joe “The army of the dead is already here.

Let’s talk about the trailer. This section is a kind of preparation for the big Winterfell war, and there is no war in publicity. The tense atmosphere of the pre-war, the final preparations are the subject of the trailer. The army of the dead is already here and ready for battle.

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The third part of the Game of Thrones series will be released this Sunday.

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