Game of Thrones is continuing its 8th and final season. The episode of the episode 4 was shared without losing time. We’re watching the trailer of chapter 4, which will be released next week…

Game of Thrones, which is the most watched and most popular series on Earth, has millions of followers. With the release of the fourth episode of the highly anticipated final season, followers of Game Of Thrones have been waiting for the next week with great enthusiasm. So when is the 4th episode of the 8th season of Game Of Thrones? What time will the episode be published? Here are the details.

In the morning after the last episode, which was released at 4.00 am, the introduction of the new section took place on the screens. The promotional trailer that was released created great excitement.

The most interesting subject after the release of the trailer was the publication of the 4th episode of Game Of Thrones‘ 8th season. The 4th episode of Game Of Thrones‘ 8th season will be released on Sunday night as it is every week. The night of May 5 at 4.00, the new section of Game Of Thrones will be broadcast on the HBO channel in the USA.

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