The majority of French-speaking Montreal is waiting for you to visit and see what to see.

Where’s Montreal?

The world’s second largest French-speaking city, one of the most historic cities in the Americas, and the largest city in the province of Quebec, is Montreal, Canada’s second largest city. The city, named after Mont Royal, which is named after three crested mountains, was invaded by Europeans in 1500s. For this reason, French influence is known as one of the cities. The city center is at the junction of Ottowa and Saint Lawrence Rivers. For this reason, the city is also an important port city.

Montreal weather essentials

When it comes to Montreal weather, it’s a city that gets quite rainy. The rainfall has the rain. The average annual temperature is around 6.4. The average annual rainfall is approximately 975 mm. Therefore, you should have an umbrella with you during the trip. The least rainfall is in February and the most precipitation is in August. July is the hottest month.

French Way of Canada: Montreal

With a magnificent nature, Canada is home to one of the most impressive natural beauties in the world. Moraine Lake, formed by the melting of glaciers between the mountains, offers a fascinating atmorsfer to its visitors with its turquoise color.

Between December and April the city is usually under snow. In the winter months, you can see the weather in Montreal at -40s celsius as it has a continental climate.

The official language of Montreal

Montreal’s native language is French, and 85 percent of the native French speakers live in this city. You will see everything in the city written in French, from signs to announcements.

French Way of Canada: Montreal

Since the other language of the city is English, you will not have difficulty during the trip. At the same time because of the high literacy rate, you can be sure that you will be welcomed in both foreign language and hospitality.

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Montreal Time zone

Eastern Daylight Time Time zone in Montreal, QC, Canada (GMT-4)

Accommodation in Montreal

There are two separate areas where you can stay on the tour of Montreal. One of them is the center of the city, the Center-ville. It is very easy to reach the city center, which is 24 hours. Le Viuex is the second choice in Montreal and also known as the Old Montreal area. Although it is far from the city center, it is preferred because of its nostalgic buildings, churches and places.

French Way of Canada: Montreal


Montreal is a highly developed city in terms of transportation. The city is heavily cycling. You can also easily use the bikes of the municipalities. These bikes are called Bixi. Daily, weekly or monthly rented bicycles, you can easily access the bicycle path.

Metro and bus services in Canada 24 hours a day. You can also find a metro stop almost five minutes away from almost anywhere.


There are many museums to be seen in Montreal, but two reflect the city’s art history and its present in a comprehensive way. One of them is the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Since the middle of the century collection is eye-catching. The Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, the other one of which is worth exploring with its exhibitions as well as its collection.

Montreal Photo Gallery

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