It smells of California everywhere this summer!

The new Les Colognes perfume collection, a fragrance of summer in every bottle, Louis Vuitton’s first unisex fragrances! Last Thursday, the famous French brand, which came up with an unexpected product, launched three unisex perfumes.

Perfumes designed by the brand’s perfume designer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, were inspired by the California coast. Our fragrance is ready for summer with Louis Vuitton, which puts California’s gardens, ocean and glittering skies in three bottles!

First Unisex Fragrance by Louis Vuitton

The Sun Song perfume in a vibrant yellow bottle carries citrus and lemon notes, while the ed Cactus Garden on perfume in the green bottle is the perfect blend of exotic tropical teas and bergamot. If these are not enough, the arı Afternoon Swim f perfume in the crystal blue bottle brings you to cool waters with orange, mandarin and ginger notes.

Moreover, Louis Vuitton is not only attracting you with these magical scents! Designed by famous artist Alex Israel, you can also use perfume boxes as stylish decoration objects!

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