Fashion shows fed by the choreographic elements, models dancing on the podium, clothes directed by the movement. He invites fashion audiences to a dance performance, a performing arts show.

Christian Dior’s 2019 spring / summer collection of fluid dresses, tulle and lace long skirts reminded me of the Romeo and Juliet ballet costumes, models headbands, swimsuits and ribbons with ribbons reminded me of the classical ballet classes.

Even if you are completely alien to this poetic world, you will not have difficulty in understanding that the Dior fashion show is a tribute to the dance. The eight dancers who performed with a contemporary performance by Israeli choreographer Sharon Eyal created an aesthetic and poetic look, with their Dior models leaving them to freedom of movement in an area of ​​164 square meters. Nude colors refer to the body, the flexibility of the body, which is the common element of both dance and fashion. Hanging on the walls, free modern and powerful female dancers such as Loie Fuller, Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham and Pina Bausch make the image more effective, while the creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri ‘s previous collections underlined the strong and feminist woman image. Briefly, as well as in their ideas, free women in their movements made a mark on the show and the collection. This isn’t limited to Dior.

Tutu Skirts

Fashion of Dancing!

Off-White, which brings street fashion to luxury clothing and contrasts side by side with sneakers this season, combined with the skirts of the brand, this time the classic ballet with the emphasis on the unity of modern dance reminded me of. The Japanese fashion designer Junya Watanabe’s denim skirts embellished on denim and remixed with denim reminded us of how innovative it is. If Giselle, one of the pioneers of the Romantic period ballet, had come to life again today with a modern choreographer, the ballerinas in the long and white crescents could be inspired by Watanabe, and this time they could quickly take their smoke on their jeans. They could sign a üre hiplet ”show derived from the combination of ballet and hiphop; who knows…

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Courreges fashion show with PVC and vinyl jackets, dresses and mini skirts that remain loyal to the brand’s futuristic spirit, just like a point connected to the babetleriyle were preparing to take stage in a techno club. They were honoring the poetic collection of the French designer with Franck Sorbier 2019 haute-couture summer fashion show, where the dance and theater intertwined, with black, yellow and honey-colored points. It would not be wrong to say that the audience applauded to a haute-couture ballet.

World of Dance

Fashion of Dancing!

The performance of the performing arts as a circus in the world of dance, theater and finally in the fashion world as we saw in the Dior 2019 haute-couture summer fashion show is not new, but we came across this meeting quite often in summer season fashion shows. At the Copenhagen Fashion Week held last January, the Danish designer Stine Goya’s colorful dressed models danced and entertained the podium.

It brings life, vitality and color to dance clothing, Marie explains French philosopher Marie Schiele. Apart from walking, there is no doubt that the models that break the robotic and monotonous attitude of the dance with the fluidity and flexibility of the dance appear much more energetic, positive and happy on the podium and reflect this feeling to both the clothes and the audience. The world of fashion contributes to the popularization of dance, especially the classic ballet, as the dance brings the innovation it needs to the fashion world and exudes freedom. And both sides gain from this relationship…

Fashion of Dancing!

Only the risk of the show part of the show and choreography in front of the risk of the clothes, fashion world should be prepared. Just like Dior in 2019 summer fashion show, eight dancers performed the marvel of Maria Grazia Chiuri wonderful clothes a little bit.

Even if you don’t know how to dance, you’ll feel light, free and flexible with the designs of the season (like a dancer), with skirt skirts, ballet shoes, ballet shoes and bodysuits. As the modern dance choreographer Pina Bausch says, “Dance, dance, otherwise we will all be lost”