Burning Man is actually more than just a music festival. Check out this extraordinary experience to change your perspective on life!

What is a Burning Man – Where to Organize?

What is the world famous Burning Man with an interesting name? He takes his name from the wooden puppet that was burned at the closing event. So what is the Burning Man festival, and most importantly, where is the event in Nevada? The festival takes place in Nevada Black Rock Desert in August and September every year. In this article we will share with you all the curious details about the Burning Man Festival.

The Burning Man Festival began in 1986 in Baker beach in San Francisco, USA, and later moved to the Black Rock desert in the state of Northern Nevada. The festival starts in the last Monday of August and ends on the first Monday of September. This date range also coincides with the Labor Day in America.

Everything about Burning Man

You can book your flight tickets after receiving information about the Burning Man ticket price. And what is this Burning Man who takes his name from wooden dummy that was burnt on Saturday night? Let’s answer this question in a short way.

Everything about Burning Man

What is happening at the Burning Man Festival?

No discrimination in Burning Man, everyone is more beautiful with differences. The Burning Man Festival, celebrated for the first time in 1986, was celebrated by Larry Harvey and Jerry James on the coast of California – San Francisco. The festival, which started with a group of twenty people, grew even more when alternative musicians, hippies and artists came together. Burning Man, which is attended by tens of thousands every year, has become a tradition. Therefore, Burning Man is not cheap in terms of price. Join this madness, which is the gathering area of the different ones, and prepare to shake the Black Rock Desert!

Everything about Burning Man

In the Burning Man, which lasted for a week, what part of the festival area is determined before the festival. The area where most art works, parties are organized and the flame of the festival is burned is called lend Playa!

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Main sale tickets cost $425 each, not including fees. All tickets and vehicle passes are subject to a $4 per item fee. In addition to the $4 fee, there will be a percentage-based fee of 2.7% of each purchase subtotal. In other words, a $425 ticket can turn into around $480 ticket.

Everything about Burning Man

The tradition of burning this statue was started by the organizers of the first year festival and this tradition continues today. The burning of this statue symbolizes rebellion against social oppression.

Everything about Burning Man

The festival, which is established on a very large area, is provided by bicycles. This is because the time to go from one place to the other is half an hour.

Golden rule of the festival; Leave the trash behind you! As you will understand, you are also responsible for accessing your garbage at this festival.

With this festival, you will have the opportunity to move away from the realities with continuous music, dance, art, fire and movement in only seven days. We will also be able to express yourself without limits and as a result you may experience a spiritual change and improvement beyond the rules of society.

There is no room for stress in the daily life of the Burning Man Festival! Apart from that, money, air pollution, concrete structures, suits and unhappy people do not exist in this festival! Everything happens here in natural conditions. Don’t let primitive conditions appear in your dreams as you read them! Because, throughout the organization, first aid to police, security, toilet, ice food and drink, all kinds of facilities are provided. There is even an airport track in the festival area. What more do you get in a festival area?

This year’s ticketing changes are an attempt to combat an increasing culture of exclusivity and consumerism created by pay-to-play “concierge-type” camps on the playa. Hope, according to the post, is that the changes will “ensure that those willing to make the trek to Black Rock City are ready to contribute” and prevent concierge camps from buying blocks of tickets.

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