Sometimes a tea package, sometimes a cargo parcel, sometimes a shoe box. The cardboard box never neglects to be included in our lives in different costumes and shapes.

So what are we doing? As soon as we get the object we need from the cardboard box, we throw it aside and it is doomed to be garbage ve But what are we going to do from the cardboard boxes that we took a Did you know that you can get original and unique designs, useful items and unimaginable practical products with those boxes?

With this cardboard box you can sort out what you can do and after reading this paper, we are sure that you will be able to leave the cartons, even a small soap box!

In order to design a stylish cardboard box with a simple cardboard box, just like the laundry basket, you will first need thick cardboard paper cut to the size of the cardboard edges. After sticking the cardboard pieces on each side of the box, allow your box to dry and let it stand for at least 24 hours. When you are confident that the box is completely joined with cardboard paper, you can paint it in any color and decorate your mouth with a leather strap.

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diy by me! All I needed was a cardboard box, some rope, a hot glue gun, and linen to line the inside of the box.

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