Discover the ones that best suit the decoration of loft-style buildings converted from large volumes, high ceilings, old warehouses or factories.

The loft style can be summarized as combining functions in a single space instead of distributing functions to walls divided by walls and doors. The most decisive elements of its style are exposed piping and structural elements, raw surfaces, high ceilings and windows. The easiest ways to create such an air in a non-loft-style house could be to cover a wall with bricks, to make epoxy on the floor, and to use structural elements and walls. Going even further, large volumes can be obtained by getting rid of the rooms by destroying the non-supporting walls. If these volumes are made with furniture, we can say that the volume is closer to the loft style.

Show the Brick Walls

Decorating Ideas Who Loves Loft Style

Loft style means spoiling freedom, unlimitedness and memorization. One of the cornerstones of this style is the brick walls when old warehouses and hangars are converted into houses. With these types of walls, rust colors, leather armchairs, large tables, sculptures, spots, metal furniture and bar stools will create a harmonious perception.

Choose Epoxy Floor

Decorating Ideas Who Loves Loft Style

The choice of this floor, which is well suited to loft-style spaces with industrial installations, creates a rebellious attitude in the space when metallic surfaces, contemporary forms, black and white and gray tones are used with a color palette.

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Votes on Gross Concrete Surfaces

Decorating Ideas Who Loves Loft Style

The most poetic form of the expressive expression in the space is a must for the concrete surfaces loft houses. A large sofa, metal lighting, raw wooden furniture, iron bookcases are the best complement to concrete textures.

Make Masculine Choices

Decorating Ideas Who Loves Loft Style

Behind the noble stance of the loft style are metallic surfaces and cast iron structures that give it a masked attitude. You can also use brick walls to paint white walls so you can set up a more spacious background in the space. Use contemporary art or black and white photo prints on the walls. Keep in mind that the spirit of loft-style houses is enriched with artistic elements.

Eliminate The Borders

Decorating Ideas Who Loves Loft Style

You should create an unbelievable, relaxed and shabby atmosphere by forgetting the layout you know in the loft style where there are no borders and all living spaces are almost intertwined. Unlocked, without partition, fretless, high ceiling, open, spacious space bölüm You can separate the bedroom part from the main part with either a screen or high indoor plants.

Place Vintage Designs in the Kitchen

Decorating Ideas Who Loves Loft Style

If you decided to create a real loft in your apartment, you can start the demolition by waiving your smooth walls. Even if possible, destroy the roof and add the roof gap to the height of the house. The vintage designs for an industrial-style kitchen that opens up to the saloon, a retro-looking refrigerator such as Smeg models, a ceiling fan, metallic storage units and extractors are the top of the list.

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