Coachella (2019 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival) festival, who gave the start of the spring months, was left behind in the first week of 2019 and again, as it was every year, managed to become the epicenter of trends in both fashion and make-up!

In this article, we have covered Coachella makeup and we tell you how to make the festive makeup for yourself.

What do you think of when you think of glitters, stones, bright and bright colors? Of course the festive makeup! While Coachella is leaving behind the first week of 2019, we are satisfied with all the festival trends thanks to our Instagram feed. Then we rolled up their sleeves and compiled the most beautiful festive makeup models on our radar to get inspired in their festive make-up this spring and summer! Let’s see what you like the most.

Use the Brightest and Brightest Colors in your Eye Makeup

Coachella Festival Makeup Trends

One of the most noticeable ones in Coachella makeup is the bright and vivid colors that we don’t have the opportunity to use in daily life. This year’s trend is vibrant colors like yellow, orange and red. At one time, you can obtain the intensive color in the palette, and carry it with you thanks to its compact and compact packaging, and you can refresh the make-up at any time.

Capturing Strobing and Metallic Lips

In everyday life, illuminators are indispensable to many of us, and we are sure that in the illuminating step, you cannot get the speed just like us and you always want more. The festivals are the most fun opportunities we can exaggerate our enlighteners! As we follow the festive makeup trends of this season from Coachella, the harmony of dazzling strobing makeup and metallic lip makeup is equivalent to being the star of the festival!

Coachella Festival Makeup Trends

Glitter Brilliant Shine

You will not use a lot of sparkling glitter festive makeup when will you use it? Here’s a great opportunity and a glamorous Coachella makeup: the perfect blend of copper tones and glitter! The good thing is, you can increase the glow as much as you want. Ultimate Edit With the intense color of the headlights in the Petite headlamp palette and the easy-to-handle blending of the Epic Ink Liner, we are sure to make a perfect eye makeup with the black and practical effect!

Coachella Festival Makeup Trends

Which of these spring-summer make-up trends are the most sparkling, without thinking, we call it en Glitter Eyeliner Bu. If you want to add an extra dimension to the glitter in the festive makeup, you should try the colored glitter eyeliner. Especially, you can combine different colors with each other to get an extraordinary look.

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Ring Earrings Trend Back

Freckle makeup is one of the trendy makeup trends that has not been popular for a long time. Especially when it comes to the festivals, creativity is completely ceiling. With the inspiration we received from Coachella makeup, it seems that the star freckles will be the favorite of this year. If you want to try your star freckle makeup, you can get a smoky look in eye makeup to collect attention in the stars. For this, the headlights and an eyeliner in the earth tones are enough.

Coachella Festival Makeup Trends

Let us say that neon colors will be very popular this summer both in clothes and make-up. Famous Youtuber Camila Cabello did not share this neon orange eye makeup with Coachella 2019!

Coachella Festival Makeup Trends

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