This time, the country in which our desire to see different geographies and different cultures points to us. We understand that our research is correct with our research, but if we limit our trip to 1-2 cities, we understand that we will do wrong. We decide to take a week-long tour of the major cities, including the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. Our tour will start in Casablanca and end in Casablanca. At the end of our article series, we hope you will have a hearty objective information about Morocco in general.
Casablanca, one of the most important cities of Morocco, will be familiar because of the film Casablanca. The film, which made the name of the city known all over the world, was made in 1942, directed by Michael Curtiz, starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. The film is highly acclaimed and has a special place among the Hollywood classics with its three Oscar Awards. We suggest you watch the movie, but come and see that you will not see the city of Casablanca because it is in California. The director’s name preference is to shine this city’s star.

Located in the west of Morocco and on the Atlantic coast, Casablanca is the most populous city in the country with a population of about 4 million. The city has become an economic capital of Morocco with its new architectural structures, the harmony of the people to the modern lifestyle, the beautiful coastline and the beaches while it is in the mood for a city. The port of Casablanca, 40% of the foreign trade, the airport is about 50% of passenger traffic as proof of the situation. As we always do, we will give you the transportation information of the city and then we will start to explain the places to visit.

City of Tales, Casablanca Guide
City of Tales, Casablanca Guide

Transport to the city

Casablanca Mohammed V Airport is the busiest airport in the country. You can reach Casablanca by train or bus from any city in Morocco. One of the transportation routes to Casablanca is the airline.

Transportation from the airport to the city; After leaving the airport, you can reach the city by train, bus or taxi. If you want to go by train, you should go down to -1 floor and go to ONCF trains station. Transportation takes less than 1 hour and the ticket costs 30 dirhams. You can get the ticket from the ticket booth at the terminal-1 exit. You can reach the city by bus which takes about 1 hour with CTM buses. For taxis, all we have to say is that they negotiate, they open the door from 300 dirhams, which means around € 30, which you should never give this money.

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Urban transportation

The vehicle of fast transportation is a taxi but if you know the roads, turn on the taximeter and definitely bargain for the one who won’t. While you are in the car other than you can take another passenger, but do not panic, you will leave it wherever you want. This is Morocco, don’t be surprised. There is no subway but the other means of transportation for the tram is 7 dirhams one way. If you want you can get Rechargeable Card giving 15 dirhams, you pay 6 dirhams instead of 7 with this card, you prefer. Locals generally prefer city buses for transportation, but the buses are incredibly bad, so you’ll be right when you see them.

Places to visit

Undoubtedly the city’s iconic structure II. The Hassan II Mosque. The mosque was designed by the French architect Michel Pinseau and by Bouygues, King II. It was built in memory of Hasan’s 60th birthday. Located on the Atlantic coast, the mosque was built in 1993 with the filling of the sea. It is one of the largest mosques in Morocco and the world’s largest mosque with a total length of 105,000 capacity and a length of 210 meters. We were very happy to see the first day of the day in Casablanca and the day after the day and the inside was really great.

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A few miles beautiful street to take a walk along the coastal road Corniche (Boulevard de la Corniche). Although we were in a tough windy time, we could not live this beauty more, but if our timing was correct, we were sure we would leave the Corniche. Along the way, you can enjoy the street with cafés, restaurants, luxury hotels and the award-winning Morocco Mall, which is also the “world’s best shopping center”.

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Mohammed V Square is the square where the city’s important administrative center buildings are located and constantly crowded. The square was built in 1920, but today it is also in transformation. Additional tramway road (Boulevard Hassan II) was built in the square to the vehicle road, the large pool was demolished and a new building was built in front of the courthouse. The courthouse, the pool in front of it, the crowds of birds and the people create beautiful photographic squares.

To the left of the courthouse is a statue in front of the French embassy and the embassy. With its 50 meter tower, it can be called the most beautiful building of the square. The post office building, again close to the square, may also be of interest to you. The building was built in 1918 and you will notice with the writing of Barid Al Maghrib.

The Theater Building (Grand Theater De Casablanca), which stands out with its modern and most important architecture, is on the opposite side of the courthouse. The building, which is the symbol of the modern face of the country, is a magnificent cultural area with a 1800-seat auditorium, a theater with a capacity of 600 people, a music hall with a capacity of 300 people and many meeting rooms. The magnificent buildings next to the right-hand side of the theater building are various government offices. Behind the theater there is an art gallery (Villa Delaporte).

Another important square in Casablanca is the Place des Nations Unions. In the center of the city there are many shops, hotels, business centers and restaurants. The Old Medina is very close to the square, but you may know the kingdoms of the bazaars in Marrakech.

A masterpiece for Casablanca II. According to us, the second important work is the Old Mahakma of Pacha. Be sure to see one of the leading example buildings of Moorish Architecture, with its carved wooden ceilings and ceramics and handcrafted peaks.

City of Tales, Casablanca Guide

You’re not just coming here to see the old courthouse. In the immediate vicinity of the building, there is one of the four royal palaces (Royal Palace) in Morocco. If you are interested in books, you may be interested in many book shops in the surrounding area. You will also reach a square when you walk down the courthouse. The mosque opposite you, the Muhammadi Mosque and the market square, Bazar Road Habous will give you a good time.

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