One of the areas that need the most care in winter is your lips. The lips, which dry together with cold air, form a flaky, cracked and neglected appearance.

For lips that are lively, smooth and full of lips, we’ve compiled the maintenance steps to free them from all their problems and pamper them.

Care Guide for Dry and Chapped Lips

Professional Makeup Lip Scrub

If you think that your drying lips will intensify the intense moisturizer in the first step, you are wrong. The first step you take is to save the lips from the dead skin! For this, you can use a particulate lip exfoliation. These products, while removing the lips from the dry layer of sugar tissue with the oils in the content and leaves a smooth result.

Care Guide for Dry and Chapped Lips

Intensive Balm

In the second step, do not choose a simple lip wax to bring your lips back to life. Instead, take advantage of ultra-strong, heavy-duty, heavy-duty weapons. With this care you will remove from your lips and lips, your lips will quench your thirst and keep your softness for a long time.

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Mask Help

You have cleansed and moistened your lips and have an extra care session! Pamper your lips with collagen-assisted moisturizing masks. Revitalize the tired tissue of the lip and strengthen it with extra collagen.

Patchology FlashPatch Lip Gels

Bonus: Night Care

Night care masks are both ultra practical and highly effective. In order to maintain the happy mood of your lips that you have recovered from the winter restraint, you can use these three steps as well as the night care masks. Before you go to bed, these products start working to moisturize the lips all night and let you wake up to the day with smooth, soft and well-groomed lips.

Clinique Pep-Start Pout Restoring Night Mask

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