Harry Winston is here with a new diamond wedding ring capsule collection. Inspired by the sophisticated details of a carefully designed wedding dress. Bridal Couture collection celebrates the art of the world’s leading bridal workshops with six unique designs.

The love knot motif, the round cut diamond ring model to the romantic side-hinged bow motif, Harry Winston is signing an extremely feminine and elegant collection.

From exquisite corset lacing to delicate crystal embellishments, the most romantic bespoke details are retold through brilliant diamonds in carefully crafted platinum settings.

Bridal Couture Collection by Harry Winston

Harry Winston Designers crafted a bespoke diamond engagement ring featuring a 5.51 carat emerald-cut center stone elegantly flanked with a romantic cluster of marquise and pear-shaped diamonds.

Bridal Couture Collection by Harry Winston

The Bridal Couture Collection, which offers a style for every style and every woman, continues to defend the belief that Harry Winston needs to participate in the most important moments of life with an exquisite jewelry, as well as emphasizing the brand’s commitment to the highest level of quality and craftsmanship.

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