In the new season, the usual colors of white and cream as well as pastele-playing colors are remarkable. It is possible to see lilac and blue wedding dresses. A very important development for those who do not want to wear white. In addition, a noticeable increase in the volume of wedding dresses attracts attention.

The 3-dimensional flower embroidery, strapless models and transparent fabrics in the wedding dresses make the collection even more striking.

Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia also presented the 2019-2020 autumn winter collection by combining cultural influences. The collection was inspired by the palette of shimmering gems, eaves and eaves.

Inbal Dror exhibited the wedding dress collection inspired by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, the stars shining from the sky and the dance of corals underwater. In preparing the 2019/2020 autumn winter collection, he made the brides feel on the red carpet.

Best Wedding Dresses of High Street Brands

Transparent gauze details are among the most noticeable pieces in the Wedding Dress 2019/20 collection.

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