After Gigi Hadid’s modern cowboy jean attempt, a jean extraction came from Bella Hadid. Hadid hosted an event organized by Dior the other day, leaving a question mark in his mind with his romantic and cool style attitude.

The most striking part of the season, combining the cargo pants with another trendy batik of the season, the design supports Bella’s careless attitude to the end. This is not the only two-in-a-kind creeping pattern that looks like a new generation of super models, which reveals the romantic aspect of her with wavy and J.Lo-inspired hair. The crop body on the transparent athlete is also a supporter of this ambivalent situation.

Style Street: 3 Ways to Wear Cargo Pants

Return to Essence

Bella Hadid's Neo-Romantic Style

In addition to its militaristic form, the camouflage pattern of the cargo pants, which return to their roots, are reckless enough to match the white shirts. You can make a strong entry to the season by matching the designs that fill the rebellious spirit with the calm parts.

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Open to Innovation

Bella Hadid's Neo-Romantic Style

Famous cargo pants with plenty of pockets give the green light to another trend of the season: pockets over its functionality! The designs that develop with the perception of extra mobility will be among the indispensables of the city life with its innovative sides and tell us about it!

Office Adaptation

Bella Hadid's Neo-Romantic Style

Who said the cargo pants can’t adapt to the office? Trousers that break the rebellious perception thrown on them and can even infiltrate the business life with blazer, promotes their safari tours to business life.

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