We have secret tips for you the ways to prevent the effects of tiredness and stress on the skin, before the fashion weeks and to avoid the effects of the intensive makeup on fashion shows.

The Backstage field is one of the areas that should be as fast as possible. Therefore, products with fast effect are preferred. Lift Patch eye six pads; Ideal for immediate effective swelling, dark ring and no tired appearance. After only 15 minutes of shock curing, you can comfortably apply this treatment. Just as black dresses are always the biggest savior of women, Lift Patch is one of the sine qua non of the skin care routine.

Similarly, the Radiance Cream, which offers a pre-make-up highlighter effect, also helps to hide the tired appearance by providing shimmer and vitality to the skin. Detox effective this cream, use as some makeup. Apply pressure to acupuncture points You can observe that it increases radiance and vitality when you ride.

Beauty Secrets of Catwalks

What is your suggestion for skin drying due to catwalk lights and ventilation?

Podium lights and different weather conditions cause skin to lose moisture. Water is the most important youth factor for our skin as it is indispensable for our lives. But no matter how much water we drink, the water holding capacity of the skin may vary. Inspired by the water in the skin, Cellular Water-Cellular Water aims to increase the viability of cells. In this series, mist can be applied at any time during the day and can be used as makeup stabilizer. Moreover, the moisturizing effect of all skin care products is increased by 79%. This way the skin looks revitalized and renovated.

”Water is the most important youth factor for our skin as it is indispensable for our lives.“

Beauty Secrets of Catwalks

In order to make the makeup more stable and smooth, what kind of care should be applied before?

Before the makeup, the skin is smoother and the application is more perfect, in order to remain stable, the skin must be cleaned and dead skin cleaned. After the Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser, which cleans the dirt in the pores and cleans the dirt deeply, the granular-free cleansing peeling, which cleanses the dead skin, acts as an eraser. Keep in mind that the secret of the most flawless skin is through the cleansing of the pores.

”Keep in mind that the secret of the most flawless skin is through pores cleansing.“

So what should be done to make the skin look more vibrant and fuller?

To make the skin look more vibrant and fuller, you need to make sure that it is really well moistened. Since many factors such as environmental or age cause skin loss of moisture, it is necessary to feed the skin both internally and externally. Healthy foods and the amount of water consumed is really important. For this purpose, the skin should be reinforced with molecules closest to the elements in the natural structure of the skin, for example; Hyaluronic acid … The main molecule used in many medical applications is hyaluronic acid. Because hyaluronic acid has a water holding capacity of up to a thousand times its own weight and is also biomimetic, ie very compatible with the skin and carries a minimum risk.

Beauty Secrets of Catwalks

Esthederm only has a special sequence of this molecule; Intensive Hyaluronic Series. Sherry; The eye is composed of serum, cream, serum and mask. Each 4 product works on 3 different layers of the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines caused by intense moisture and filling the skin. Naturally fuller and nourished skin also shines with health. I think the most important effect here is that the skin is vital to health and looks fuller.

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What can be used on skin that has sudden redness for any reason?

The reason for the rash is the instant response of the skin. This may be caused by an external factor such as makeup and the like, and may be caused by an internal factor such as stress. Especially in fashion weeks, the models run from one show to another show and every time their makeup is wiped and rewritten. The use of very strong and durable makeup materials can also cause skin sensitization and redness.

Beauty Secrets of Catwalks

It is necessary to protect the skin against free radicals. When it comes to sudden daughters, it is necessary to calm the skin first. For this, we recommend the most powerful antioxidant Vitamin E. It instantly soothes the skin and protects the skin against the cycle of inflammation. Due to all these properties of the sudden redness of the skin in the molecular series of Esthederm; We apply Intensive Vitamine E² Serum. For example, if we go through the fashion week example; The skin should be cleaned first and then the Intensive Vitamine E² Serum should be used. Because this product has a very light structure, it is easily absorbed by the skin and the skin subsides.

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