Achieving happiness is now a global search and of course there are many methods. Well, if our perspectives are not original, can we talk about a real happiness?

We are all trying to overcome the difficulties we face in life, to be happy, to be aware of the term that is fashionable in the last period. The first step to being happy is the balance between mind, soul and body. This triad is interconnected, like the gears of a machine. In the coming days there will be a festival aiming to draw attention to this connection. The Happy Human Mental Spirit Festival will be held for the fifth time at the Istanbul Congress Center between 8-10 March and will bring together experts working in the fields of healthy living, personal development, psychology, neuroscience, medicine, complementary medicine, yoga and meditation. The founder of the festival and the organizer of the Happy Human Platform Gülferi Yıldırım; says that their purpose is to bring together a wide range of scientific information and methods about mind, soul and body health.

Does the world change if I change?

Experts say that the world will change with the changing perspective of life, but this is not as easy as it is written. Because even if we want to maintain this optimistic romance, we cannot deny that we have our own reality, socio-economic and cultural realities. Happiness is directly related to the level of social consciousness, class differences and the prosperity of countries. ’Finland is the happiest country among 156 countries included in the 2018 World Happiness Report published by the United Nations. Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland follow respectively. Most of the five countries, most unhappy by the list, are from Africa. Turkey in the 74th. If each of us takes responsibility for their part of the country and the people with the right information, we will settle in Turkey with science to bring forward the top positions on the list, “says Gülfer Lightning; In other words, it is not virtual worlds that we want to convince ourselves, but a bit of knowledge, a rational and analytical perspective, and scientific facts.

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Be the Change, but how?

The triangle of mind, soul and body

The first step of being mentally and physically healthy and happy is in mind, soul and body harmony. Yildirim, today we are looking for happiness in the wrong place, human kindness, kindness, affection, love, cooperation, values ​​such as ambition, the rudeness, says the victim. Orum I’m separating people from people who are happy and unhappy, not people with positive or negative minds. An important rule of life that is lifelong mentally and physically healthy and living a spiritually satisfying life is through the constant development of one’s life, by connecting his life with a great purpose and serving in this way.

”Don’t follow me and I’m lost“

At this point, there is a sensitive point that needs to be emphasized. Do we have to follow in the footsteps of someone trying to connect to a purpose and trying to serve on this path? People are always the only address that will satisfy the psychology of a leader’s footsteps and the vast masses, and the spiritual leaders who believe that they are going to give them a life purpose. In It’s very important that people are awake and questioning. Today, one can reach the knowledge of the world with a single click, and it is possible to realize the truth with wrong, logical and irrational research. Mantık Yıldırım underlines that the best guide is our mind and heart.

Be the Change, but how?

Mind games

Doğru I have read a book, my world has changed um is it true? partly yes. There are so many books that can open the doors of a whole new universe that you have never been before. It is no secret that our minds play strange games from time to time, but we have the opportunity to make him think, play, even recall what he knows.

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