Barbara Palvin is one of Victoria’s Secret’s newest angels. While the young model‘s long-standing character in the show’s angels was announced only a few weeks ago, the signature appearance of the Barbara Palvin Victoria’s Secret angels had a sudden break with the bombshell curls.

Long, bushy, voluminous and abundantly wavy hair of the barbara said goodbye to the calm and simple air of the hair delivered. The hairstyle of the successful star who has folded at the shoulder level and prefers a short cut has also been specially renewed. Barbara’s current hair color, which we are usually used to see in dark brown tones, is almost as if it was made of sunshine, and it’s a soft, soft coffee tone.

Beach brown, also known as beach coffee, is the natural color of the summer of 2019 Spring. Barbara Palvin, which refreshes its appearance with its hairstyle and color, inspires the new season trends with its beauty.

In anticipation of the 2018 show, she says she worked out 10 times a week. She told Vogue Australia last year that despite the welcoming efforts of her model colleagues, she “always feels like a little bit like an outsider” come showtime.

BONUS: Hair Color Trends of Spring & Summer 2019

Barbara Palvin's New Hair & New Trends

Dark chocolate

A single color, dark chocolate coffee is taking the place of jet black this season. Don’t forget to choose the right bottom tone for this color, which framing your face and revealing your facial features.

Barbara Palvin's New Hair & New Trends

Yellow-White Accents

In order to increase the trend dose of your blonde hair, the method you should apply in the new era highlights white. This ultra-light color balm that you can mix between your hair adds a cool, cool and modern touch to the blonde hair.

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Barbara Palvin's New Hair & New Trends

Red Dream

Some coffee, some copper: the warm and dense hair that carries red reflections is in perfect harmony with the vibration of the rising climate. Even more shining and glamorous red hair with the sun is a favorite of the new season.

Barbara Palvin's New Hair & New Trends

Beach Coffee

The dark hair that blinked the dark bronze, like a light kiss from the sun, the hair of the more obvious, but prefer more natural will be the new favorite of those who prefer. You can also make this hair color more useful by leaving your bottoms in your natural hair tone.

Barbara Palvin's New Hair & New Trends

Powerful Pink

Those looking for a different, remarkable and brave tone in their hair can leave themselves to the rebellious spirit of powerful pink this season. Many celebrities from Georgia May Jagger to Behati Prinsloo have been the spell of this color.

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