We have underlined the emerging trends of 2019 2020 autumn and winter fashion weeks.

Winter fashion weeks is over in all its glory. It is up to us to decipher the fashion shows as usual. We took the trends that dominated fashion weeks from New York to Paris from Milan to London. Although the trends like plaid, neon and feather no longer surprise us, this season there was only one trend that made everyone’s face laugh: fake fur. When the world of fashion began to take steps in the name of sustainability, fake furs entering our lives sprinkled water into everyone.

This year, Chanel was the collection that marked the week of fashion. The fashion world, shaken by a very short time before Karl Lagerfeld’s show, saw his latest designs on a grand show.

Plaid And Tartan Attire

Autumn & Winter Fashion of 2019-2020

Plaid doesn’t go anywhere, but every season he gets a little more refreshed. These squares, inherited from the British to the fashion world, are still in the autumn winter season! Designers, the London Fashion Week trends and Milan Fashion Week trends in the foreground of the prominence of this fabric is further highlighted. For a few seasons, you will be prepared to see this pattern in the closet is already ready to see. If you have question marks in your mind like how the plaid is combined, you should try it as soon as possible.

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Fake Furs

Autumn & Winter Fashion of 2019-2020

Fake fur is now much more than just a trend: the emphasis on fashion shows is the growing environmental awareness in the fashion world. The fashion world has been included in the works of every sector on behalf of sustainability and decided to use fake fur. These fake furs, which stand out predominantly in collections, are a candidate for being one of the biggest trends that make us laugh in the new season. To the naturalness of Moschino, one of Stella McCartney’s artistic designs, the designers almost competed with each other to exhibit fake furs.

New Generation Trend: Patches

Autumn & Winter Fashion of 2019-2020

When using the patch there is a very thin line between being sleek and sluggish. Patches, one of the biggest trends of fashion weeks this season, also dominated New York and London. It is inevitable that the patches that you may have a strong appearance when you use it correctly will bring your combi boiler to the next level.

Romantic Neck Bows

Autumn & Winter Fashion of 2019-2020

How about you try ribbons in different places? In New York Fashion Week, designers preferred frills in their necks while Italian designers preferred to use ribbons in neck detail. It is inevitable that this trend, which allows you to look like you are almost from the Baroque Period, is quite romantic.

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